2017 Event and Activity Schedule

MARCH 2017

March 2nd – 8th Annual Heart of Winter Gala – About The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden Cancer Support Center
Winery Event – Advance Ticket Purchase Required
Fabulous food and libations will be offered by J’s Restaurant and Nashoba Valley Winery’s select wines and craft beer. We are honored to have the Bare Hill Band rocking the night away for us. Grab your honey and hit the floor, or just sway along to the good old tunes we all remember!

March 16th – Chef’s Dinner Series – Craft Beer Pairing & Whiskey Dinner
Restaurant Event – Advance Reservations Required
Simple comfort foods paired with the craft beers of Bolton Beer Works.  Our Executive Chef and Brewer will visit your table and convey the passion they put into each recipe, brew and our handmade Whiskey. Peek around the corner into our brewery for a taste from the cask. Or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your food and beers in our cozy dining room.

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day  
Restaurant Event – Advance Reservations Required

March 30th – Chef’s Dinner Series –  Going Wild
Restaurant Event – Advance Reservations Required
Returning to our roots when J’s featured wild game events throughout the year, we resume our tradition with an exciting menu from Chef Andrew McWilliams.  Elk, Boar, Pheasant & Bison

APRIL 2017

April 9th – Brunch with the Chef – Scottish Day

Restaurant Event – Advance Reservations Required
Mini scotch pies make the perfect party fodder, picnic nibbles, or lunch box fillers and with native lamb make this delicious Scottish pie into a local and unique dish.  We will keep with the tradition and use lamb mince (but feel free to go with beef if you prefer at home) and Chef Andy will also show you the basic art of gravy making.  Served with a “Flying Scotsman” our adaptation of the famous drink named from the famous steam train that went from Edinburgh to London.  Nashoba Whiskey, sweet vermouth, sugar, bitters and ice.   Plaid optional attire.

April 13th – Chef’s Dinner Series – Gourmet Street Food or Glorious Peasant Food
Restaurant Event – Advance Reservations Required
Recipes inspired by global street food trends we take all food seriously. Everybody loves a little R & R, but for globetrotting foodies, travel is all about the street food.   More ideas to come but think Meatballs “made with love,” Fried Clam BLT Slider, Off the Grid Kabobs,  Black Bean and Chorizo Empanadas, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Beetroot Samosas, Crepes with Apples

April 16th –  Easter Sunday Brunch

Reservations open mid-March

April 22nd – Picnic At the Winery Festival
Picnic Lunches at the Winery have become incredibly popular so why not turn the opening of our season into the opening of our Outdoor Festival season.  Buy a Picnic and get free admission to our special event.  Enjoy winery tours featuring our favorite picnic wines, picnic basket contest and raffle, live music.

April 30th – Farm to Table Jazz Brunch 

Farm-to-table experiences bring the freshness of fields, orchards, and artisanal foods directly to your table. Chefs harvest bountiful ingredients on property prepare simple but beautiful dishes for guests to savor onsite—often right on the beautiful farms and vineyards where some of the ingredients were harvested. These special experiences not only deliver amazing meals in unforgettable settings, but also a chance to see and learn firsthand how Massachusett’s farmers, and artisanal food purveyors make the most of our lands.  Sip on a morning cocktail from our Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar while enjoying live jazz.

MAY 2017

Starting May 5th to August 25th Fridays from 4 to 7 p.m. – Small Plates On the Patio
Fridays at the winery have become a place for local professionals to start the weekend by enjoying wines on our Orchard Patio so we thought we would turn their custom into our opportunity. Starting in May, from 4 to 7, join us for “Small plates on the Patio” while sipping wine, sampling foods and generally forgetting about the last 5 days while bragging about the false illusions of the weekend to come.

May 6th – Bloomin Winery Festival
Never a science, never predictable, never on time,  but always beautiful.  The week of apple blossoms come once a year and are predicated on the weather.  Unlike Punxsutawney Phil appearance record, apple blossoms like to surprise us.  Nevertheless, we are going to celebrate the birth of our apples regardless of whether or not they have appeared.  Free admission to the our event featuring Music, tours and tastings.

May 4th –  Chef’s Dinner Series  – Spring Bounty

May 14th – Mother’s Day Brunch & Jazz in the Vines

May 21st -Brunch with the Chef – Garden Harvest Farm to Fork & Smoker
Restaurant Event – Advance Reservations Required
Featuring our own garden harvest of early spring edible herbs & greens. Chef Andy will transform from garden to plate right in front of you!  Course will be decided based on nature’s bounty that day.  Learn how to use every inch of small garden to maximize its beauty and bounty and creating an edible landscape.  Enjoy a cooking demostration of two delicious recipes using herbs, greens & veggies and take a walk to our Smoker to learn the basics of “smoking” meats & veggies.

May 25th – Chef’s Dinner Series  – Wine Makers Kitchen

JUNE 2017

June 18th –  Father’s Day Reggae and Smokehouse Barbecue 

September and October – dates TBD – Vine to Wine and Taste of the Maze Events 

Join us for a unique experience and a chance to have fun with your friends all while supporting your local farm.  Be part of our vintner harvest team!  With a team of 60 members, you will be directly involved with harvesting 3 to 4 tons of grapes in about 2 plus hours.  From the vine, to Lugs, to the Gators to the winery, you will experience the start of the wine-making process at Nashoba Valley Winery.  Then enjoy the end results (wine) from the previous year’s harvest.   If you like wine and you love to support everything local then this “From Vine to Wine” one of a kind unique one day experience is the perfect way to spend your Saturday!  Experience and participate in the origin of wine-making and learn about farming as a member of our team will be available to assist and answer questions throughout the work day.   “It gives people pride in something local and it gives them a lot of understanding about something they enjoy.  In a  few years from now you’ll be able to return and get wine from this year’s harvest and say, “Hey, I helped with this.”

 October 29th – Oktoberfest