Pick Your Own Fruit at Nashoba Valley Winery

2016 PYO Apple Season

Picking Today Sunday, Sept 25th  Yellow Delicious, Mutsu, Macoun and Limited Macs and a few others 


Welcome to Nashoba Valley Winery

Just minutes away from Boston and Worcester, the orchard is a popular destination to pick your own fruit. Bring family and friends to pick and delight in our idyllic country setting.

Come discover why “Boston Parents Paper” and “Cooking Lite Magazine” have both voted Nashoba Valley Winery “Best Place to Pick Apples.”

picked apples in a barrel

Availability – Check the website and save time

During the harvest season, July through October, our website is updated daily and often hourly to post the fruit and the varieties that we will be picking that day. The fruit that we are picking are monitored by our orchard manager and he also is responsible for keeping our website up to date with the most accurate conditions on each type of fruit to be picked.

Since weather conditions differ dramatically from year to year; predictions or estimates are often inaccurate so we refrain from predicting ripening dates.  We all know that we are unable to predict weather so I have also learned over the years that I cannot predict the date fruit will be available.

Additionally, we do not project how long we will be picking a particular variety because, like the weather, I have no way of knowing how many people will come out to pick at any given time and therefore cannot predict how long we will have a variety available for picing.  I hope that everyone can appreciate that farming is not manufacturing and we are subject to many variables over which we have no control .

When a new variety is opened up, usually they last for at least a few days and often a week.    If you want farm fresh products you have to understand that it takes a little effort to get the best fruit money can buy.

If you look at our web-site prior to you visit,  you will not be disappointed. The information on our web-site is as accurate as it gets and is much more accurate than any information you may receive over the phone.  When conditions change, the first thing done is to update information on the website as it is not usually possible to broadcast the information to all staff members during busy season. In fact, we always advise our staff to look at the web-site before answering any questions about current picking conditions.

Picking conditions will be updated Daily at 9:30 am for the current day’s picking conditions. We open at 11:00 am. Please do not call before 9:30 am as our staff does not have any information which is not posted on this site. Thanks

For information on Peach Picking – Click Here

For information on Apple Picking – Click Here

For information  about a Bushel or a Peck and what this means to you- Click Here

Please do not email us requesting information about the availability of fruit tomorrow or in the future as we do not have the ability to predict how many people will pick fruit today and therefore cannot accurately assess the availability of fruit tomorrow. Conditions change quickly, so please use our website as the most accurate assessment of picking conditions.

If you want an email for picking season and types of apples you will have to sign up for our email list at http://nashobawinery.com/email-list/

Thanks, and we look forward to your future visits.

For up-to-the-date information, check the website at www.nashobawinery.com