Nashoba produces wines that are worlds apart from wines produced by other producers. We focus on non-grapes wines from fruit that has been grown for years in New England – and for the last 15 years, grapes that we grow or can be grown locally. All of our wines are handcrafted wines that are affordable by the majority of the population. Always dedicated to producing exciting, delicious, multi-dimensional wines that force you to explore beyond what connoisseurs of wine want you to explore, we feature Blueberry wines, Cranberry wines, Pear wines, Ciders and of course about 10 different grape wines like Vignoles, St. Croix, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.  If you are adventurous and not captured by the snobs of tradition, then we ask you to explore with us and allow us to challenge your perceptions about wines. We are never dull nor are we respectful of old wine traditions because we were born to be pioneers.

Nashoba has become a destination for families and friends that want to enjoy our farm and vineyard overlooking the incredible Town of Bolton, Massachusetts and we invite you to share our land with others 365 days a year. We view Nashoba as a meeting place for friends to enjoy a quiet day in the countryside, sipping our handcrafted wines, and enjoying the peacefulness of Bolton. We offer 50 picnic tables for you to enjoy and we try to limit the use of our property to small gatherings of 8 or less people. For at least 300 days a year!