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We welcome every child with open arms with the belief that we are very child friendly.  However, our venue does not focus on or offer activities for children and we limit the types of activities permitted on our farm.  Outside, Children under the age of 14 are expected to remain within 30 feet of their parents at all times and children between the age of 14 and 16 must be within eye site.  Inside of our winery or restaurant, children of all ages must be within a few feet of a parent.  We do not allow unattended children in the winery, brewery or restaurant.

There are many dangerous situations on farms including ponds, tractors, equipment and fences which could pose a risk to unsupervised children.  All too frequently we have seen very small children wander away from parents.

Sadly, we are not exempt from the dangers of the world and ask you to please understand that our farm is not isolated from the ills of society. The enforcement of our policies regarding supervision and distances is intended for the benefit of your child.  The consumption of alcohol can and does impair our attention, making it more likely that you may allowing little ones to wander away un-noticed.

To the people that want to spend some time with their children and friends enjoying what we have to offer which is fresh air and a beautiful farm overlooking the town of Bolton, we are very kid friendly.  We totally enjoy seeing a family picking apples together, having a picnic lunch together or dining together enjoying each others company overlooking the beautiful Town of Bolton.   Fresh country air, relaxing, talking to your kids, playing cribbage or cards together is quality family time.  Activities that are all in harmony with our farm environment.

However, it is important to remember that our winery and farm is not a playground and should not be used as a playground.   We do not allow the throwing of any objects or the playing of any games that involve the throwing of objects.  We do not allow running or games involving running as there are simply too many people carrying glassware for this to be safe.   Our insurance carrier strictly prohibits such activities as there are many people enjoying wine in glass and the prospect of someone being struck with an errant throw or being bumped by a running child is a liability we will not accept.  We do not have a petting zoo, hay rides or activities to entertain children.

Additionally before you visit, we ask that you explain to your children the importance of respecting our property and the fruit that we grow.  All too often we find unattended children climbing apple trees or picking unripe fruit as part of their entertainment. During your visit, we ask that you supervise your children so that we are not forced to intervene.

For people that want more robust activities, we recommend places that are specifically designed for kids offering  activities and food items for the little guys/girls such as Davis Farmlands in Lancaster. Sports parks, playgrounds, restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese and Dave and Buster’s offer a kid friendly environment focused on kid’s activities that will totally keep the active entertained.

Ultimately your choice of venue is your responsibility so please plan based on what we offer and not based on what you think we should offer. Thank you for your understanding.