Today we live in a world where it is our responsibility to define almost every aspect of our business so as not to disappoint those who might have definitions different than ours. At Nashoba Valley, kid friendly is a place that you can bring your child and they are welcome in all areas provided they are with a responsible adult. We believe that there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing a family picking apples together, having a picnic lunch together or dining together enjoying each others company overlooking the beautiful Town of Bolton. Relaxing, talking, playing cribbage or cards together is family time at our winery. We are Norman Rockwell version of kid friendly where activities are in harmony with a farm environment.

Our orchards, vineyards and picnic grounds are an extension of our winery and restaurant so it is important to consider that as a winery and fine dining restaurant we are not going to have activities designed around amusing or managing children. We do not have areas for them to play, we do not offer hay rides nor do we have any animals to pet. We offer our farm but leave the obligation and responsibility for entertaining and supervising children to the wonderful people that brought them into this world and not to our farm.  Children are not allowed to enter the orchard or pick apples (after paying) without an adult being present.

To the people that want to spend some time with their children and friends enjoying what we have to offer which is fresh air and a beautiful farm overlooking the town of Bolton, I consider us to be very kid friendly.

For the people that believe that kid friendly means that their children do not have to be managed, that they can run around unsupervised throwing rocks into the pond, footballs around the picnic tables, climbing trees, throwing apples at their brothers and sisters or playing tag in the orchard, please accept our apology for not being kid friendly. Notwithstanding that some farms have become playgrounds, we prefer to thinks of our farm and vineyard as a farm and vineyard where we allow families and friends to view, understand and appreciate our existence as a farm.

For more robust activities, please consider places that are specifically designed for kids that offer kids books, toys and food items for the little guys/girls such as Davis Farmlands in Lancaster. Sports parks, playgrounds, restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese and Dave and Buster’s offer a kid friendly environment focused on kid’s activities that will totally keep the active entertained.

Ultimately your choice of venue is your responsibility so please take the time to plan based on what we offer and not based on what you think we should offer. Thank you for your understanding.