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Quick Summary of what is open and how we are operating.

Retail Store – Purchases for off-site consumption only.  Reservations are not required. Open every day for shopping.

Orchard PYO –   Reservations are required but we will accept walk-ins if space is available.  A reservation for our PYO is not a reservation for Vintners Knoll Restaurant where we serve food and beverage for on site consumption.  Click Here for more information on PYO and the days we are open for picking.

Picnic Grounds – The Vintners Knoll Restaurant (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) consists of all of our grounds and tables previously used as our picnic grounds.  Reservations are Definitely Required and we are currently open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Only food or beverage purchased from us may be consumed on our property and all guidelines related to COVID-19 issued by Governor Baker apply.  Here are some helpful links to our Vintners Knoll operations.

How do I make a reservation
What type of table service can I expect
How do I order food
I want to reserve multiple tables and have them close to each other.

J’s Restaurant at Nashoba –  Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Our Operations have been altered by Covid-19

  1. Where do I have to go to get my temperature taken?  Guests will have their temperatures taken at the check in area which is located at the entrance to the winery.

  1. What will happen if a guest has a high temperature?  Any guest that has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be able to enter, per CDC guidelines.

  1. Will I be required to wear a face covering?    Yes, except when seated at your table. We are following CDC guidelines as well as local health protocols. If you have a disability that prevents you from wearing a face covering, please contact us prior to your arrival at to discuss ways we can accommodate you. Also, per CDC guidelines, children under the age of two are not required to wear facial coverings but they will be required to stay at least 6 feet away from other people not visiting with you.

  2. Are any of the buildings open to the public in case of rain?  No,  with social distancing requirements, should rain occur we ask that people go to their individual cars.

  3. Are Nashoba Gift Cards accepted for  Food & Drink orders? Yes, but if you experience a problem please call us or email us at  The system does have its problems

  4. What if I have allergies but want to make a  Food & Drink order? Guests should specify their allergies with the order in the note section.  If we need additional information we will call you on the cell phone number associated with the order.

  5. With these new procedures in place, will Nashoba be hosting it Food Truck Friday or other events in 2020. No, food service will be offered by J’s Restaurant only except on certain days with the approval of the Nashoba Valley Board of Health.

  6. Can I make a reservation for two or more tables together? Sorry this is not permitted and we would appreciate it if you considered reading this link as it is important for the safety of our staff.

  7. Where is handicap bathroom access.  The Handicap Bathroom is in the wine shop.  The wine shop has multiple HC access points so if you could call us at 978-309-3236 we will ask you a few question and guide you to the easy access point.

  8. Are we still dog friendly.  Yes, our previous policies are still the same but reservations are required for a dog friendly table.     To bring a dog into the picnic grounds requires you to reserve one of these tables.

  9.   What if I’m running late for my reservation (eg how long do we have to hold the table if its a busy Saturday)  For picnic table reservations, if your running late by a 1/2 or less then your reservation will be held but it will not be possible to change the delivery time for your food.  If you cannot attend their is a link on your confirmation text to cancel or modify and I would us the link to keep us informed of your changes.

  10. Limos & Buses are only allowed with reservation and only when the total number of people in the limo or bus does not exceed 7 people including the driver who is not allowed to visit but must remain with his or her vehicle.  Please read our rules by clicking this link.

18. Are we filling growlers.  No, Currently our operations are intended to be contact less and safe.  If we return to growler filling we will have to run the growler through our dishwasher to make sure that the surface area does not contaminate our filling machine.  We are looking for guidance from the Government and local board of health for direction as we are not comfortable at this time with the process.

19. Will corkscrews still be available for use.

No, Currently our operations are intended to be contact less and safe so shared equipment of any kind is not recommended.   Please bring your own corkscrew oryou may be required to purchase one with your order.