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Coordinated Outings with Service:

We would love to be involved with accommodating your private event at our winery.   Company Outings can be coordinated by our events team and can be hosted in our Restaurant, Pavilion or Covered Patio Area (Private Orchard Picnic Suite).  For these types of events our events team is involved with planning your day where our restaurant provides the food for the event.  We also offer private tours of our wine production area or a wine tasting for the group.  The Upstairs Private Suite at our Restaurant, the Pavilion and the Covered Patio Area are not open to the General Public and are limited to events that we host where we provide the food.  Click any of the highlighted links below for more information.

J’s Restaurant – Upstairs Private Suite Area – click for additional details – Limited to 20 people (available Wed – Sunday).  Heated and AC – Suitable for inclement weather.

Covered Patio –  Our Private Orchard Picnic Suite rental package (available Wednesday or Thursday) includes seating for a maximum of 50 people or less and the private use of our new covered patio and trellis area.  The patio is covered but not heated but is a beautiful setting overlooking our farm.  The Private Suite Rental Fee is $75.00 per hour (1 to 50 people – 3 hour minimum).    Generally people using the Suite order Picnic Lunches.

Pavilion – Beautiful Enclosed Area for 30 to 130 people (available Wednesday through Friday). Rental $250.00 per hour (Minimum 3 hours).  Click on the Pavilion link to see Menu Options.

Non-Serviced Outings:

Generally you may use our picnic grounds for picnics and the information about using our picnic grounds can be viewed at our picnic grounds webpage (click here).  This page is posted about using our grounds on weekends when we are very busy.  However, the information also applies to weekday outings except that we do allow gatherings of more than 16 people with advance notice and approval.  You may bring your own food and you will be allowed to set up in the general picnic grounds but not on any of the patios or porches.

For outings where groups will use our grounds and bring their own food, we do not get involved with organizing or coordinating any activities.  You may reserve tables and schedule tours and tastings directly on our website by using our Book It Page.

Things to do:

Apple Picking – Always check for availability –  $30 for a 1/2 bushel – $20 for a peck.   Click here for additional Information

Tours and tastings – $15 for Tours – $10 for tastings.  Tours must be scheduled and Tastings for more than 10 people should be scheduled.

If you have additional questions or wish to pursue an outing with services, please fill out our e-form by clicking this link. A function coordinator will be in touch with you within 24 hours.