Nashoba Valley Spirits, Ltd.

All Charitable Contributions



First and foremost, we all want to thank you for your dedication to your charity or organization.  We know how important your cause is to everyone that benefits from you hard work and in the perfect world we would be able to contribute to all causes. For our part, our contribution program focuses on organizations headquartered within (or having a substantial presence in or effect on) our primary geographical area, which includes: Bolton; Harvard; Stow; Clinton.  In this respect, we work closely with and contribute to the Bolton Conservation Trust and the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden.

We also try to focus on organizations which address:

  • land and farm conservation;
  • health services; and
  • cultural arts organizations.

As a small business we have limited resources and it is simply not financially possible to participate or donate to every event.   Many of our request are for bottles of wine, spirits or beers or for cross promotional events where we get to pour wine for charitable events in return for sponsorship or marketing opportunities.  Unfortunately, we simply do not produce enough wine to particiapte in all of events so that the number of events that we do participate in are very limited.  Additionally, we do not have the staff, license or insurance available to participate in offsite tastings.

We recognize the great benefit that all charities bring to our communities but like all business and all charities, it is important for us to keep our efforts focused on a few charities.

Please read general guidelines below to determine if your organization and your project will qualify for consideration. We get over 600 requests for contributions each and every year and we try to focus on providing contributions to a few organizations where we can make a difference rather that to a number of organizations.

General Guidelines:

  • You must be a U.S. based IRS 501 (c) (3) qualified charitable or educational organization.
  • We will not contribute to an individual person or family or to an organization or group formed for the sole purpose of providing aid or services to an individual person or family.
  • We will not contribute to a political candidate or organization.
  • We will not contribute to labor or fraternal organizations.
  • We will not fund memorials or endowments.
  • We do not sponsor individuals that participate in walks, biking, running, challenges etc. intending to raise money for a charity as we only fund directly to the charity.
  • We do not fund agency and/or school sponsored walk-a-thons, athletic events, or athletic group sponsorships.
  • We do not fund door prizes or raffles or auction items.
  • We do not fund pre-school, grade school or high school fund raisers or PTO Organization or affiliated programs such
    as orchestras, bands, choirs, drama groups, yearbooks or class parties.
  • We do not consider organizations that discriminate by race, creed, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other basis prohibited by law.
  • We will not advertise in publications, yearbooks or school programs where the participates are not at least 21 years of age such as high school year books or advertising in event publications that involve people under the age of 21 years of age.


If eligible, click here for the print version of an application form.For new organizations, or organizations that have not solicited Nashoba in the past, a brief history of the organization and the area it will benefit is required, along with a thorough description of the purpose for the funding request.

Please send your request to: Charitable Contributions, Nashoba Valley Spirits, 100 Wattaquadoc Hill Road, Bolton, MA 01740 or fax to: 978-779-5523. Organizations will receive formal response by mail. Due to the volume of requests, phone calls or verbal solicitations will automatically be disapproved.