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Our curbside pickup order store is simple.

After you click the link below, select a time for pickup or select ASAP.  All orders are prepared immediately for pickup and will be available until you show up.

Add all items to your basket and be sure to order enough to capture our great discounts on our wines and spirits.  On the check out page, enter one of the qualifying in the Promo field.  Enter the number 6, 12 or 24 based on the number of bottles in your cart.  Be sure to click the button apply

Qualifications                           Promo Code           % Off

Purchase 6 to 11 Bottles                   6                        10

Purchase 12 to 23 Bottles                12                       15

Purchase 24 or more Bottles            24                       20

When you arrive, drive to the entrance to the winery and drive up to the round table with our American Flag. Once you are at the table, dial the posted telephone number and tell our staff your name and that you are here for picking up your order.

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