J's Restaurant is open and we thank you for all of your support during the last year.

All Dining Reservations Require a $10 per person non-refundable deposit

Unfortunately we have experience an unsustainable increase in cancellations/No Shows which necessitates a new approach to our business.  For one week we had  85 people cancel & 92 people that honored their reservations.  A single cancellation of 2 people results in a 12.5% loss in revenue.  For each person that cancels or does not show up, our server’s pay is also reduced by approximately 12.5% . If a table of six cancels,  the restaurant and the service experiences a 33% decline in revenue or expected earnings.

To address the situation, a non-refundable booking deposit of $10.00 per person is now required.   The deposit will be applied to your bill on date of service if you honor your reservation.  If you cancel or do not show or reschedule, the fee is forfeited.  

If you are a frequent visitor and wish to express your disappointment, please email support@nashobawinery.com

All reservations are for inside seating.  Should the weather cooperate, outside seating will be offered only to those with reservations inside and then on a first come first serve basis.  

Our Vintner’s Tasting Knoll  is open for outside seating everyday – Please click here to learn more.  

Please Click Here for Mother’s Day Sunday Reservations  

For all other reservations, select the date, time and party size below

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