Facts About Nashoba Valley



Varietals of Wines Produced                                                37

Wines that are 100% Non-Grape Wines                               22

Grape Varietals Produced                            13 (including Pinot Noir & Pinot Blush to be released 2013)

Blended Fruit & Grape                                   2  (Marion & Blueberry Merlot)

Top Selling Wine by Ranking                        Cranberry Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, SS Blueberry, Dry Pear, Renaissance, Riesling,  Maidens Blush


Average Year Total Tons of Fruit  used in Production                                      131 tons

  • Massachusetts                                                  67  tons
  • Neighboring States                                         39  tons
  • Other US States                                                25  tons


Approximate Source of Fruit                       100 USA

  •  Massachusetts                                                                                            52%
  •  Neighboring States of Rhode Island, Maine & New York                 29%
  •   Non-Local States (primarily Washington State)                                19%

Nashoba Valley Winery,   Most of the apples used in wine plus all grapes grown.  Balance of Apples comes from Bolton, Stow or Gravensteins from New Hampshire.  Cranberries – Cape Cod Select LLC, Edgewood Bogs LLC.  Bolton Orchards & Carlson Orchard Supplies peaches, Westport Rivers Winery supplies Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Newport Vineyard & Goodvale Vineyard (Rhode Island)– Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cab Franc Wagner Vineyard (New York) – Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cab Franc. Blueberries – Allen’s Blueberries Maine.

Total Stainless Steel Tank Capacity – 37500 gallons or 15769 cases or 189234 bottles

Total Oak Barrel Capacity =   138 barrels or 8280 gallons or 3482 cases or 41783 bottles

Warehouse can accommodate approximately  12000 cases of wine

Production Facts

12 to 14 lbs of fruit to make a gallon of wine

1 ton of fruit yields about 160 gallons

60 gallon barrel equals  720 lbs of fruit – yields 300 bottles of wine

1 case equals 2.378 gallons or about 30 lbs of fruit

1 bottle equals 2.5 lbs of fruit

Distilled Spirits Facts

2003 –Nashoba Valley received the 1st Farmer’s Distillers license in MA

Produce approximately 800 cases per year requires about 36000 lbs of fruit.  Because spirits are higher in alcohol and go through the process of distillation, it generally takes about 250 lbs of fruit to produce a gallon of alcohol at 95% alcohol by volume.  In a bottle of Vodka there is approximately 20 lbs of apples.

Over 80 percent of the fruit used in distillation is from Massachusetts.  Vodka, Gin, Northern Comfort, Apple Brandy and Barenfang made from Massachusetts Grown apples.  Maple Syrup used in Northern Comfort is harvested in Western Massachusetts by Dufresne Sugar House.  We are able to assist farmers with large and juice grade fruit.  Elderberries and some grain used in whiskey is the only spirit made from products grown outside of the US.

 Orchard Facts

82 Varieties of Apples  –  Average Harvest 45 Tons

12 Varieties of Peaches – Average Harvest 4 tons

6 Varieties of Grapes (Vignole, St. Croix, Cab Franc, Chardonnay, Lemberger, Riesling) – Average Harvest  11.5 tons

382 peach/plum trees

3326 Dwarf Apple Trees producing in 2013

2138 Standard and Semi-Dwarf Trees Producing.

4430 producing grape vines  – Additional 1800 planted


Brewery Facts

We go through more brewers that gallons of beer!