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 Information on Request for Special Diets

Information about Restaurant Attire

Reason for our Restrictions on Large Parties

I would like to make reservations for Easter, Mother’s Day Brunch or Father’s Day Brunch.

Reservations for Easter, Mother’s Day Brunch and Father’s Day Brunch are posted on our website all 30 days prior to the date of the event.  We do not accept reservations prior to this time and all reservations can only be made on line by following the post on our website.  All special Brunch Reservations require full payment in advance for all people who will be attending.

I would like to make reservations for outside seating.

We do not take reservations for our outdoor seating, as we can never predict the weather and it is not practical for us to reserve a table inside and outside for a single reservation. Accordingly, reservations are only taken for inside seating. When you arrive, please see if seating outside is available and we will make every effort possible to accommodate your request.

I would like to make reservations for the inside porch area or a specific table?

Almost everyone wants to be seating somewhere near a window and seating assignment in only done at the time of the seating based on first come first serve. While it is sometimes possible to accommodate an early reservation with a table request, once the first reservation is seated we do not control their pace of dining. Therefore tables requested might not be available when you arrive and we cannot afford to keep a table open for a later reservation. Accordingly, reservations are only taken for specific times and not for specific tables. You may request a certain table or area but please do not consider our willingness to note your preference as a commitment or representation that a table or area is reserved.