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While wine certainly does contain a small amount of dissolved protein (naturally coming from the grapes or other fruits — fruits do not contain gluten)and we do not add products that contain gluten to wine. I’ve read some pretty panicked posts on the Internet about fear of barrel-makers using a wheat-based paste on the barrel heads during barrel construction. I’m not sure if any barrel-makers still do this and I called our barrel companies and they thought I was nuts.

If you want to avoid gluten in wine from this extremely remote possible (in my opinion highly unlikely) source, stick to wines that probably haven’t seen any barrel time, like Vidal Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

Beware of commercial wines being marketed heavily as “gluten-free.” The American Dietetic Association considers wine and most alcoholic spirits to be safe and so wines hyping their “gluten-free” status maybe just trying to find a unique marketing angle but having no scientific justification just like labeling water as gluten-free. However, since I’m not a doctor, I encourage everyone with Celiac Disease to do your own research. At Nashoba, I can attest that we do nothing that would add gluten to our wines.    Additionally, our brewery is in a separate building and uses separate equipment to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination.

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Tours and Tastings are currently not offered as they are classified as a “bar” activity by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and therefore a Phase 4 activity.  Currently, there is no established timeline for when Phase 4 activities will be allowed to be open to the public.  Once a date is established with guidelines we will do our best to reopen but it is impossible for us to plan without knowing the date or the guidelines that will be required to follow.   Sorry, I truly wish we could offer more details.

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At Nashoba Valley, we appreciate the importance of dogs in our lives and therefore we currently allow dogs to enjoy our farm as noted below.

We are maintaining our Dog Policy as in existence prior to Covid-19 except that we are now requesting that dog owners attempt to manage their dog around their reserved table and not allow people outside of their group to approach or pet your dog.  A “Dog Friendly” Table must be reserved.  If they are sold out then we cannot allow your dog to visit.   Dogs are expected to maintain a minimum of 6′ space between themselves and other dogs and their owners are expected to manage their behavior.  As always, don’t be the person that makes us alter our policies.

Dogs are not allowed in any buildings or the covered patio and tasting area adjacent to the winery.   We have also designated a new patio as being a dog-free area.  The new outdoor tasting area and patio and general picnic grounds are dog-friendly areas.

If an owner is observed not picking up after their dogs, allowing their dogs off leaches or their dog is being aggressive or constantly barking, you will be asked to leave the property.

Being Responsible for your dog includes the responsibility to respect other visitors and our staff who might be afraid or allergic to various animals.  If you cannot follow the rules or you do not believe rules apply to you, we must request that you not bring your dog to the winery.  If you are asked to leave, please understand that we are enforcing a zero-tolerance policy and not open to a discussion about how it will not happen again.

If a dog has or does bother you during your visit, please let someone on a Segway to know and we will have the owner and his dog leave the premises.  New rules will be implemented if the problem continues.

We, therefore, ask that you follow our simple rules:

  • All dog owners are required to clean up and properly dispose of the waste of his/her dog. We do not provide bags for disposal so owners are required to bring their own.

  • Dogs acting aggressively must be removed immediately.

  • All dogs must be on a leash at all times with a maximum 8-foot leash. Dogs cannot be left unattended or tied to a tree or post and left unattended.

  • Dogs are allowed in designated areas of the picnic grounds and in the orchards areas that are open for the picking of apples and peaches provided you have purchased a bag and are in the process of picking.  Dogs are not allowed in any building or on the patio areas or porches designated as restricted.

  • No dogs (except HC assisted) are allowed in any building at any time or on the outside patio area, tasting areas or porches of either the winery or the restaurant.

  • It is not possible to participate in a tour or tasting with your dog and it is not possible to dine at the restaurant leaving your dog unattended. We suggest that you order picnic lunches and dine on our grounds where dogs are allowed.

  • Dogs must be under the control of their owners at all times.

  • Owners must control excessive barking and noise.

  • All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.

  • Dog bathing is not allowed.

  • Female dogs in heat are not permitted.

  • No dog under 4 months old is permitted.

  • Please make sure your dog understands that they are responsible for the behavior of their owners! 😉


When we host the event “Taste of the Maze”, Schartner Farms will allow dogs inside of the maze provided owners to comply with all of our rules.

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