Visiting and Using our Picnics Grounds

Nashoba has become a destination for families and friends wanting to enjoy our farm and vineyard which overlooks the incredible Town of Bolton, Massachusetts.  We invite you to share our land with others on the 360 days a year that we are open.  Our farm is a family friendly, safe environment where we strive to create a positive sharing environment. We view our farm and grounds as a meeting place for friends to enjoy a quiet day in the countryside, sipping our handcrafted wines, beers and spirits, and enjoying food and the peacefulness of Bolton.

During the weekends of mid-September to the end of October, we become extremely busy. The peacefulness of Bolton can become the environment of Disney where lines and people are more plentiful than apples.  While these can be enjoyable and fun times, it may not be a suitable time to visit unless you are able to maintain a positive attitude.  Our facilities are limited to our physical structure and on certain weekends we will not have enough staff or room to service everyone when they want to be serviced.  We promise our customers to do our best to accommodate everyone that visits without turning anyone away.  If crowds are an issue then we strongly suggest that you visit on weekdays or on weekends during the months of January through August or during November and December when you will find the peacefulness of Bolton at full bloom.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – You cannot bring your own alcoholic beverages onto the property as we only allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages that are produced by Nashoba Valley Spirits under our Farmer’s Winery and Farmer’s Brewery permits.   Not only is it a violation of our liquor license to allow the consumption of alcohol not produced by us to be consumed on the premises but our farm is sustained through the sale of our wines, spirits and beers.  Please do not consider this to be a small infraction that can simply be ignored because farm’s license and your enjoyment of our farm is founded on the assumption that reasonable people understand that it is not appropriate to bring outside alcoholic beverages onto our property.  In the event that you bring other alcoholic beverages onto the property,  we will confiscate your beverages and you will be asked to leave.  No exceptions.

FOOD  • You may bring your own food and soft drinks but we do not allow any sort of grill or cooking equipment on the premises or any other equipment which we deem would pose a risk to other customers.  If you would prefer, we offer great picnic lunches that we can prepare for you which will be ready at the time you specify. For information about our picnic lunch menu please click here . By using our services you help preserve our farm!

TABLES •   We do not reserve tables and do not allow people to reserve tables if they are not physically on site at all times.  When and if you move tables and chairs we ask that you return them to their original position when you leave.  It is important for us to preserve the ambiance and quality of our farm for all of our guests so we limit the number of tables that we allow to be grouped together to two tables which should accommodate about 10 to 16 people.  We reserve the absolute right to restrict the use of our tables and to determine the appropriate location of our tables to make the day enjoyable for everyone.  If you wish to have a family outing, re-union or gathering of more than 16 people, please contact us to discuss options for private functions.  The picnic areas are uncovered and we do not have inside seating or covered seating or accommodations for picnics and gatherings should the weather not cooperate.

THROWING OF OBJECTS OR FLYING OF DRONES • We do not allow games that might impose a risk to others including the throwing or tossing of balls or Frisbee’s and we do not allow the flying of drones. We hope that everyone will appreciate that there are many small children and elderly people enjoying our farm also who might be inadvertently injured by a missed ball or Frisbee even if you believe you are the next Tom Brady.

SIGNAGE  •   We do not allow signs, flags or banners and definitely do not allow any solicitation.

TENTS  •   We allow pop up tents on days when we are not offering entertainment and when the wind is below 5 mph.

BUSES OR LIMOUSINES •   During the months of September and  October we are not able to accommodate buses or limousines on weekends.  We also do not allow buses or limousines on the property when we are hosting a wedding.

FAMILY – GROUP OUTINGS FOR MORE Than 16 PEOPLE•  We do not consider our grounds to be a proper venue for family outings, re-unions or gatherings of more than 16 people. While I appreciate that this might disappoint some customers, we hope you will appreciate our dedication to preserving an atmosphere that is enjoyable for everyone.  

We do apologize for all of the rules and hope that everyone can appreciate the logic and work with us to enjoy our property accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our rules.