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Picnic grounds and orchard are slowly opening.

Please be sure to look at all information by clicking here as almost everything has changed with respect to visiting.  The rules below relate solely to our picnic grounds as we are now operating our grounds as an extension of our restaurant with outdoor seating.

  No Outside food allowed at this time

Thank you for considering a visit to our winery.

Nashoba has become a destination for families and friends wanting to enjoy our farm and vineyard which overlooks the incredible Town of Bolton, Massachusetts. We invite you to share our land with others on the 360 days a year that we are open. Our farm is a family friendly farm (click for definition) where we strive to create a positive sharing environment to gather and relax with friends. We view our farm and grounds as a meeting place for friends to enjoy a day in the countryside, sipping our handcrafted wines, beers and spirits, and enjoying food and the beauty of our town.  We do not view our land as a play ground or venue for playing physical games or for the tossing or throwing of any objects.  

Our goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can visit and enjoy quiet conversation.  Accordingly, we do not view our private farm as an appropriate place to host birthday parties, showers,  engagement parties, school functions, or large family gatherings.  In fact, during Phase 2, all reservations for visiting are limited to gatherings for less that 6 people.   Please view this link about asking for tables next to each other.

We do not allow people to decorate, hang signs or float balloons or other activities intended to bring attention to their gathering or mark their event.  There are plenty of venues where more robust gatherings are allowed and so we encourage everyone to consider our vision of our venue before planning a gathering.

While we allow gatherings of 6 people or less to use our tables and grounds, it is with the understanding that everyone in their group will respect the ambiance of the venue.  All gatherings are limited to a maximum of 1 table.

For gatherings above 16 people we host Private events in our restaurant and pavilion which helps us finance the beauty of our farm and the improvements made over time.  These events are coordinated by our planners to ensure that your day is perfect, planned so that other activities do not interfere with your event.

If you are unsure about whether or not your gathering will be allowed, please take the time to ask for permission by emailing us at with full details of your planned activity. Unfortunately, there are times when people plan activities that we do not permit and show up expecting us to modify our guidelines.  However, to be fair to everyone, we do enforce our rules.   If we cannot accommodate your event or do not believe that it is appropriate for our venue, we hope that you will respect our decision.   We truly believe that our rules are built upon a genuine commitment to preserving our venue as a farm-winery.  It is the vision that we believe will sustain our farm into the future.

About our picnic Area.

We have approximately 78 tables that can seat 370 People.  100% of our tables are restricted to food that is purchased on site.  We no longer allow people to bring in their own food.

Click here for a Map showing our Picnic Tables Sections

Things have changed a lot with respect to tables so please click here to view our new guidelines.   Reservations are Required and no outside food or beverage is allowed to be brought on site.  Going forward, thing of our grounds as a restaurant.

The Upper Deck and Porch Areas immediately outside of the wine shop are restricted to food and beverages purchased directly from the winery and Dogs are not allowed in this area.  There are 8 tables of 3 and 14 tables with 6 chairs in this area.   Total 108 Seats

The Lower Deck patio has 6 tables each seating 8 people for a total of 48 seats.  Outside food may be consumed in this area but dogs are not allowed on this Patio.

The Water Front Deck patio has 15 tables each seating 4 people for a total of 60 seats.  Outside food may be consumed in this area and dogs are allowed.

The Grounds has 30 tables each seating 6 people and 28 wooden tables each sitting 8.  Outside food may be consumed in this area and dogs are allowed.  There are a total of 404 seats in this area.  When winds are below 5 miles per hour we do allow small tents (12’X12′ or under) to be set up in this area.

The Lower Deck patio has 6 tables each seating 8 people for a total of 48 seats.  Outside food may be consumed in this area and dogs are allowed.  Dogs are also allowed near the tasting bar in this location when it is open in the gall..


It is totally unreasonable and insensitive to visit any winery, brewery, or distillery and bring your own alcoholic beverages.  If you like another brand, please go to that location and enjoy their brand on their property.

In addition to being against our rules, by law, only alcoholic beverages that are purchased on the day of your visit and which are produced by Nashoba Valley Spirits are allowed to be consumed on the property.  Bringing onto the property and/or consuming alcoholic beverages on the property is a violation of our liquor license and our agreement with the Town of Bolton and it is strictly enforced.  The rule is simple, if you bring other alcoholic beverages onto the property, it will be confiscated  and every person in your group will be asked to leave. No exceptions. Please accept our apology in advance if we enforce this rule without the appearance of an understanding disposition.

Outside FOOD is no longer allowedYou may bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks which may be consumed at designated approved locations on our property.   See locations above.  However, we  restrict outside food to certain areas of our picnic grounds.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday when our Food Stand (JAAS) is open for service, the Covered Patio and Porch Areas next to the winery are restricted to food, wine and beer purchased directly from our retail store, Snack Shack or J’s Restaurant.  Many places, like ski areas, allow you to bring your own food and consume them in many places but restrict their restaurants and other designated areas for patrons that support their food operations.  We take the same approach.

We do not allow any sort of grill or cooking equipment on the premises or any other equipment which we deem would pose a risk to other customers. 

If  you decide to bring your own food, we feel that it is your responsibility to take your rubbish with you at the end of the day as our service is limited to the disposal of products purchased at the winery.

For information about our picnic lunch menu please click here . By using our services you help preserve our farm!

THROWING OR KICKING OF OBJECTS OR FLYING OF DRONES – The winery is definitely not intended to be a playground or play field.  We do not allow games that might impose a risk to others including the throwing, kicking or tossing of balls or Frisbee’s and we do not allow the flying of drones.  We hope that everyone will appreciate that there are many small children and elderly people enjoying our farm also who might be inadvertently injured by a missed ball or Frisbee even if you believe you are the next Tom Brady. 

Dogs  –  Please see our policies on Dogs visiting the winery. hWe remain dog friendly but we have added to our rules additional areas where they are not allowed and the requirement that you not allow strangers or other dogs to come in contact with your dog.  Dogs are not allowed on or around Deck12, Deck 2, Patio, Pergola, and Terrace to accommodate customers that wish to be away from dogs.   Click here for a Map showing our Picnic Tables Sections

SIGNAGE & BALLOONS – We do not allow Balloons,  signs, flags or banners intended to draw attention to your table.  While everyone is allowed to decorate their tables we have the right to limit the extent of decoration to keep in harmony with our land as a farm.  

TENTS – We allow pop up tents on days when we are not offering entertainment and when the wind is below 5 mph.  The maximum size of a tent allowed is 12 feet by 12 feet.

BUSES OR LIMOUSINES  –  We do not allow buses or limousines to enter our property without permission and we limit the number of people on an arriving bus or limo to 6 people plus the driver. We never grant permission to allow buses or limousines on the property when we are hosting a wedding.  All limousines and buses must be approved in advance otherwise access will be denied.  Please fill out the form at Request for limousine or bus parking

We do apologize for all of the rules and hope that everyone can appreciate our logic and work with us to enjoy our property accordingly.

Our rules are strictly enforced.

Request Information about hosting a function.

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