Used Wine Barrels

SORRY – SOLD OUT UNTIL 2017 –  Please understand that wine barrels will be available when the wine is ready based on our taste and analysis and therefore is not a precise timeline.  Please do not contact us seeking information about when barrels will be available for sale since we currently do not know and will not know until we believe that the aging process has resulted in the desired profile.   Thank you for your understanding.  Please appreciate that we are here to make wines and the sale of barrels is not intended to be a service.

We do not accept pre-sales or have a wait list so you will have to keep track of this site for when barrels are again available.

Used Wine Barrels for Sale

Pick Up at Winery Only – No Shipping

This is the only size available.   Height = 32″, Outside Head Diameter = 23″ Bilge Diameter = 27″ Weight = 100 lbs.

typical barrel


Used Barrels in Great Condition.
Sizes Available: 60 Gallons Only
Colors Available: Natural Oak
Cost: US$185.00

Visit our online store to purchase.
Some of our used barrels are re-cycled and used for our production of whiskey which ages from 5 to 20 years.

At least 48 hour notice required as our barrels are stored at an offsite warehouse and we do not always have the ability to transport them.

No pickup on weekends during the months of September and October due to busy season.  All barrel sales are final once they are picked up as we do not allow returns once you take possession.

For small barrels such as 2, 3 and 5 liter – visit