Nashoba Valley Winery attracts thousands of visitors each year. Some of these visitors arrive via buses or limousines which can and has caused problems during our busy weekends and on weekends when we are hosting weddings.

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that tour operators, and other individuals organizing group visits have a clear understanding as to the expectations and rules at our winery. These policies are intended to provide pleasant and enjoyable wine tasting experiences which are safe for all including our mutual customers.

We will generally not be able to accommodate buses or limousines on weekends without at least 48 hour advance permission and will not allow buses or limousines on the property when we are hosting a wedding.  We reserve the right to refuse parking to buses and limousines during these weekends and we will not take responsible if you arrive without approval.

We do not offer any discounts for buses or large groups.

Limo’s and Buses are not given the privilege of dropping people off at the front door of the Wine Shoppe. They are not provided with special parking and must agree to park in the general parking area. Drivers that do not follow directions and come to our farm believing that their vehicles are entitled to special treatment, park in fire zones and create traffic situations for all other guests will be immediately asked to leave and not allowed to return. As a farm we do not have an unloading area or a pickup area. Buses and limos are required to park in the general parking area and once parked, then and only then, are their guests allowed to unload. We will make an effort to park limos and buses in our lot where it will be easy for them to reload and exit.

Submitting the request form below indicates that you have accepted the policy outline above as well as

  • Agree to contact our winery at least 48 hours in advance to obtain permission for access of a limo or bus. Also agree to notify the winery in advance of any change in arrival time or plans.
  • Agree to highly discourage the over consumption of alcoholic beverages during your travels and during your visit. Our liquor license only allows for Nashoba wine, beer and spirits and does not allow any other alcoholic beverage to be consumed or brought on our property.
  • Agree not to bring any other alcoholic beverage onto the property and allow our staff to inspect the limo or bus and confiscate other alcoholic beverages found in the bus that is not produced by the Nashoba or Bolton Beer Works.  Buses entering with alcoholic beverages may be turn away.
  • Agree on a best effort basis to make sure the customers they bring to our winery are neither obviously intoxicated nor disruptive.
  • Agree to take action to correct any problem related to the customers that are brought to the winery.

Our winery offers tastings for all customers. Please make sure that your customers appreciate that this is not a bar or tavern. It is a family run, family owned winery where people come to enjoy locally grown wines. While we have function facilities to accommodate private parties, we do not allow groups to turn our winery into a private shower, bacholorette or birthday venue. While we appreciate each and every customer including customers arriving in limos and buses, we are also trying to respect the enjoyment of our winery by other customers that are not part of your visit. We do not serve people that we believe have been consuming alcohol prior to visiting. When the drivers of limos and buses allow people to consume alcohol in their vehicles and deliver intoxicated individuals to a place of business, they have accepted responsibility.

Our approach and attitude towards your guests will be commensurate with the respect and professionalism that they show towards our policies and towards other customers trying to enjoy our farm.

Proposed Date of Visit (required)