Limousine & Bus Policy

Thank you for considering a visit to our winery.  Like many of the wineries throughout the US, we have a few policies to reduce over-crowding in our Tasting Room, and to control over-indulging.  Nashoba Valley Winery attracts thousands of visitors each year with some of our visitors arriving via buses or limousines.   The vast majority of visitors that arrive on a bus or in a limousine have a wonderful experience as they respect our farm, enjoy the tranquility of our grounds and appreciate that we farm where you can taste locally grown and produced wine, beers and spirits.  We try to be very different than a bar or tavern with an emphasis on education about our products and our business.

On Saturday and Sundays, Limos and Buses are only allowed between 10am-12pm with a prior reservation.  We will not be able to accommodate buses or limousines that have not applied for (form below) and received permission.  Request for access must be received at least a week in advance.  You will receive a confirmation email or denial within 48 hour of submitting your request.  Your driver must present our written reservation confirmation to the parking attendant/greeter upon arrival.

Groups arriving by limousine Monday through Friday do not require a reservation, however we appreciate advanced notice so that we can better serve your group.

When Making a Limo/Bus Reservation Please Note:

  • Nashoba Valley does not offer limo/bus transportation and we do not offer special accommodations to people arriving in limos or buses.  All customers are treated the same regardless of choice of transportation.
  • Reservations are limited and fill up quickly.
  • Reservations must be made at least one week prior to the day of arrival. A confirmation will be e-mailed or faxed back within 48  hours and this confirmation must be presented to the parking attendant upon arrival.
  • Arrival must be between 10am-12pm. Regrettably, Limos and Buses who arrive after 12pm will not be admitted, regardless if they have a confirmation letter.
  • Our rules on  Limo/Bus  also applies to guests coming to the Restaurant.  Guests with a restaurant reservation, but who do not have a Limo/Bus confirmation will not be admitted.
  • Limo’s and Buses are not given the privilege of dropping people off at the front door of the Wine Shoppe. They are not provided with special parking and must agree to park in the general parking area. Drivers that do not follow directions and come to our farm believing that their vehicles are entitled to special treatment, park in fire zones and create traffic situations for all other guests will be immediately asked to leave and not allowed to return. We will make an effort to park limos and buses in our lot where it will be easy for them to reload and exit.  However, it is only a short walk from the parking lot area to the retail shop.
  • Only Transportation companies with a current and valid Transportation Charter Party Carrier of Passengers (TCP) license number will be considered for approval.  Please provide the appropriate information so that we can verify that they are licensed and understand the responsibility associated with delivery intoxicated customers  to our property.
  • Intoxicated guests and/or guests with outside alcohol entering the property cannot be admitted, regardless of having a written confirmation.  This is not only our policy but not allowed by Massachusetts law.  In Massachusetts farms are granted permission by our laws with a unique license  allowing us to serve for alcoholic beverages to our customers for consumption on our premises which includes our entire property.  We take our responsibility to protect our license and enforce the law seriously. When you entered our property with open containers in your vehicle, your actions are the equivalent to walking into a restaurant that has a liquor license, sitting at the bar and uncorking your own bottle of wine.    It is not only wrong and inconsiderate to the restaurant but illegal.


Submitting the request form below indicates that you have accepted the policy outline above as well as

  • Agree that you will not bring any alcoholic beverages onto the property. Our liquor license only allows for Nashoba wine, beer and spirits and does not allow any other alcoholic beverage to be consumed or brought on our property.
  • Agree to highly discourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages during your travels.
  • Agree to allow our staff to inspect the limo or bus and confiscate other alcoholic beverages found in the bus that is not produced by the Nashoba or Bolton Beer Works.
  • Acknowledge that it is against the law to drive with open containers of alcohol in your car or in a buses or limo.

Finally, we are often told that we have a lot of rules but we believe our rules are obvious to 99% of the people that think of our farm as something special like a visit to a casual fine (w)dining environment.   I sincerely doubt that you will have any issues with our policies if you share our vision of our farm.   Many customers that have gatherings, showers, bacholorette or birthday gatherings for less than 16 people without trying to bring attention to themselves, enjoying our farm, have a wonderful time and appreciate the atmosphere that is created for everyone to enjoy equally. We appreciate your help in keeping the winery a fun and safe place to enjoy with your friends and family.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.