This page is dedicated providing knowledge about why we approach out business as we are and why so many people are offended by our approach.

First and foremost, our approach to alcoholic beverage has been modified in an effort to control and manage consumption of alcohol on our property.  All alcoholic beverages that are intended to be consumed on the property are now served to customers that are seated at tables located in a restricted outdoor area called the Vintner’s Knoll.  Based on new guidelines establishedou are no longer allowed to purchase wine in the store and consume it anywhere on the property since we would have absolutely no control over consumption.  All alcoholic beverages for on site consumption must be ordered from a table and brought to your table by one of our servers.  We apologize to everyone that enjoy our old approach that drank responsibly but unfortunately responsibility is not a universally accepted concept.  We have changed for the better.

Because we are now bringing beverages to your table, we can only accommodate the number of people that we can service based on staffing.  Like many restaurants, we have a reservation system so that you do not have to stand in a line waiting for a table.  For people that plan, we believe our system is working great.  The biggest problem that we face is that we have acres of grounds so people do not understand why they simply cannot sit on the grounds and be served like previously.   However, because servers are now required to bring you your beverages we need to know where you are located and we also need to be able to have staffing to service more people.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not have people to serve everyone that wants to be seated and have not developed a system where we can locate people not seated at a table.

We are faced with the challenge of people booking multiple reservations even thought our website states that this should not be done.   They argue that this is no logic to our approach.   After booking multiple tables, people show up and then insist that we move tables together, we try to explain to them why and how we are operating but get the response that our policies are unacceptable and that they will never come back.   Large groups are very difficult for us to accommodate for many reasons including that large food orders puts the kitchen in a very stressed situation trying to get large orders out.   We are working with only 2 chefs and less than 60% of the staff necessary to run our operations.   It is much easier to serve 6 tables of 2 people than to serve 1 table of 12 people.   Additionally, we do not see ourselves as an envirnonment for large gatherings.   

Many people make reservations to celebrate a birthday, upcoming wedding or special event and have a great time.  They understand that our primary focus is to present an adult beverage to adults, educating people about our vineyard and operations and hopefully finding long lasting customers that will support us going forward.  We invite you to have a nice quite, relaxing day in the country to celebrate a special occasion.  To help promote this environment, we limit reservations to a maximum of 12 people.  Tables for 12 people are located away from other smaller tables.   Since our system assigns tables randomly in an effort to prevent larger groups from gathering, please understand that we will not accomodate any request to have multiple tables together. Should you wish to host a gathering for more than 12 people, the only option we can present at this time is our Private Dining Experience at J’s Restaurant.  

We do not expect everyone to understand but we would appreciate a little kindness and understanding as our operation is trying to satisfy as many people as possible.