Offsite Wine Tastings


Although Nashoba Valley Winery does not offer off site tastings, we have a number of professional individuals that are very knowledgable about our wines and the process that we use in making our wines that would love to bring wine tasting to your event,  office or private party.   They will bring everything necessary to create a unique Nashoba Winery experience including souvenir wine glasses, wine recommendations and their experience to discuss wines with you and your guests.

Wines will have to be purchased in advance from Nashoba Valley Winery at our standard retail price plus discounts.  The cost of the wines are not included in the quoted price below.

Cost is $5.00 per person plus $50 per hour including travel (minimum $150)  (minimum of 20 participants) *special travel rate may apply if outside of the 30 mile radius.  We asked that you  contact us by email (  to book an off-site tasting at least 2 weeks in advance.  In your email, please identify the location, date, time and anticipated number of people.  Once we receive your request we will find a staff person that is able to attend and then notify you to fill out application below.  Once the form is filled out and received, we will put you in touch with our staff person to coordinate the details of your event.

Download application form.

Tastings usually consist of about an ounce or two of wine per taste.  There are approximately 25 ounces in a standard 750ml bottle of wine.   A bottle of wine should serve tastings to between 12 and 25 people depending on the size of serving you select.  The more wines you are going to taste the smaller the serving size should be.