2018 Season

Please note that while some of the following varieties would be considered antique, they are open to the general public and we do not charge a premium or schedule appointments to pick apples listed on our Orchard page.

List of All Apple Varieties Grown at Nashoba

Other varieties are available for picking by appointment and at a price of $35.00 per 1/2 bushel, PYO. Mix and match any variety ripe for picking.

How the process works;

Register To Pick Other Varieties

There is no need to specify the apple that you are interested in as the list has gotten too long to sort and mail by variety.

Over a period of approximately 9 weeks you will be receiving a weekly email informing you of the unique or antique varieties of apples that we grow that are ready to pick together with the standard varieties available a the same time..

When you receive notice about a specific variety that you wish to pick and want to make an appointment, please send an email to support@nashobawinery.com stating the variety or varieties that you wish to pick and the time and date that you wish to pick.

Please do not email us about varieties not designated as being ready to pick as I do not have time available to respond to all of my emails during harvest season. Additionally, like the weather, apples ripen at different times each year so I do not post dates for when a certain variety will be available.

Within 24 hours of receiving your email for an appointment for the varieties available, you will receive a confirmation of your request. Finally please note that I do not take appointments on Festival days and will only take appointments on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 10 am. https://nashobawinery.com/festivals.aspx

Please do not email me on the weekend to make an appointment for the weekend as I am generally out in the orchard once the day begins and may not be able to respond. When you arrive for your appointment please purchase a bag in the wine shop and tell them that you have an appointment with Richard to pick antique apples. Please bring my email response as confirmation of your appointment. Once you acquire you bag they will contact me and I will show you the trees available for picking.

Also please do not call as I am very seldom at my desk or return calls. But, I am very good with coordinating by email.

All Apples – Standard Year Projected Picking Date

Please note;

  • Not all trees bear fruit annually.

  • Some trees are not yet bearing.

  • Some varieties are reserved solely for our hard cider operations and are noted on the attached list.

  • Some trees are very unpredictable and inclined to various diseases which are why they are not always grown commercially.

If you do not get an email about a certain variety you can be assured that the tree did not bear fruit or that the quality was inferior or that the quantity of fruit did not justify noting as available. We generally only have a few trees of each variety so quantity is always limited.