Peach Season for 2016 is Over because we lost our peaches to frost.  


Please visit our web-site daily to see when and what we are picking that particular day, “like us” on facebook, or sign up for our newsletter. Remember that we can get picked out very quickly so it is always best to call 978-779-5521 immediately before driving out.  If the website states that we are not picking – we are not picking.  This years crop looks excellent.

Picking conditions will be updated Daily at 9:30 am for the current day’s picking conditions.  We open at 11:00 am.   Please do not call before 9:30 am as our staff does not have any information which is not posted on this site. Thanks


ORCHARD IS OPEN DAILY FROM 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.

If you purchase a bag before 4:00 pm you are allowed to pick until 4:30 pm but we do not sell bags after 4:00 pm

1/2 Peck $15.00

We do not offer group or quantity discounts

For information what is a Bushel or a Peck and what this means- Click Here

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  • Peaches ripen off the vine.  So they should not be soft when you pick them unless you intend to eat them immediately.  Put them in a brown paper bag and they will soften there in a day or so.
  • Store peaches on the counter, not in the fridge.
  • Don’t buy more than you can eat, slice or freeze at a time.
  • Peaches that are already soft on the tree are great for eating immediately but will not store.  Pick them and Eat them is our suggestion

Nashoba Orchard Peach Varieties

It is very prolific and hardy so it needs to be trimmed and thinned hard. A very highly colored, juicy peach, (90% bright red), firm, smaller size and split pit resistant for such an early peach and bac spot resistant. This peach is very classy and has excellent quality for an early peach.

Stark® Early White Peach

An early-season, easy-care peach. This variety produces the largest white peaches, weighing up to one pound. The semi-freestone fruit has an attractive fiery red skin and sugary sweet white flesh. Tree is resistant to bacterial leaf spot. Ripens in early July. Self-pollinating.

Saturn Peach (Donut Peach)

Distinctive flat peaches that taste great. Also known as a “doughnut peach,” this uniquely shaped freestone fruit opens up to tender, white flesh with a mild, sweet flavor. Cold-tolerant trees bear heavy crops of peaches that measure 2¼-2¾” in diameter.

Gala Peach

One of the earliest-ripening freestones. An easy-to-pit peach that is as pretty on the ouside as it is flavorful on the inside. The fruit’s firm exterior has minimal fuzz, making it perfect for fresh eating. Kids love it! Also an ideal choice for canning. Ripens in mid July. Self-pollinating.

White Lady Peach

Peaches are freestone, store well and are highly recommended by commercial growers. Fruit is very sweet. Matures 3 weeks after Stark® Early White Giant™ and 3 weeks before Belle of Georgia. .

Red Haven Peach

Large peaches with almost fuzzless skin over firm, creamy yellow flesh. Tree is heavy-bearing and cold-tolerant. Also disease-resistant, especially against leaf spot. Ripens in late July. Self-pollinating.

Redstar Peach

Redstar® ripens with Red Haven and is a large, round, freestone peach with an 80% rich, red color. Flesh is yellow with a pleasing sugar/acid flavor balance.

Canadian Harmony Peach

Large, round, yellow fruit covered with a red blush on the outside; firm, yellow, freestone flesh on the inside. Flesh is slow to brown, so it’s good for salads. Also freezes well. The tree is vigorous, upright growing and hardy.

Blushingstar® Peach

A late-season, easy-care peach. The newest of our “star” peaches, this variety provides prolific harvests of beautiful freestone fruit that keeps well. Firm white flesh has a unique, sweet flavor.

Sentry Peach

An early producer of beautiful peaches. Start the season off right! This variety bears crops before almost any other. The fruit is firm and attractive with sweet yellow flesh that makes it a favorite at any table. Semi-freestone for easy eating

Bring friends, family, your camera and perhaps order one of our gourmet picnic lunches or bring your own!
For up-to-date fruit availability, visit this website as it has the most accurate information.