Please be advised that we now change a user fee of $2.00 per 1/2 hour for the use of Pole Pickers in our orchard.
Plus a deposit of a credit card, license or $10.00 if using one of our pickers.

Over the past couple of years the abuse and loss of revenue caused by the use of pole pickers has risen to the point where we have decided to impose a user fee on the use of pole pickers in our orchard. To the many wonderful customers who have used pole pickers responsibly, we express our sincere apology. Please note that we do not always allow pole pickers to be used until all of the fruit that can be reached by hand has been picked. In order to insure the maximum harvest, the use of pole pickers is at our sole discretion.

single apple to pick

Unfortunately, it has become more and more common for us to view customers knocking 10 apples to the ground for every apple that they pick when using a pole picker. Unfortunately, these customers do not feel that they are responsible for all apples removed from the tree and while we have taken efforts to hire more orchard monitors to oversee the use we feel that the cost to our operations and the loss of revenue justifies instituting a user fee. Additionally, not withstanding our request to have only one pole per family, this request has been ignored by many with families of 4 each taking a pole. Some families have even put pole pickers into their car or under their picnic tables to insure that they have them later in the day when they eventually decide to purchase a bag and pick apples. Many poles are never returned or left in the orchard where they are eventually run over by a tractor or stepped on by other customers. Last year alone, we lost over 40% of our pole pickers.

Again, we apologize for the fee but can justify the fee based on our experience and cost of operations.

We always have plenty of apples that are low enough to pick without pickers so the use of a picker is not something that is required to insure that you are able to fill your bag with quality apples. If you have any problem locating apples that are low enough, please return to the apple shack and they will contact me to assist you in finding apples.

Thanks you for your understanding.

<h4>Effective 2010</h4>

Please be advised that we know change a user fee of $2.00 per half hour for the use of Pole Pickers in our orchard.
-Plus a deposit of a credit card, license or $10.00. Deposit will be returned when the picker is returned in good shape and in accordance with the following.

To use a pole picker you agree

• Pole pickers can only be used in designated areas. The trees that have been designated for using pole pickers are marked with orange paint on the ground in front or around the tree. Only use pole pickers on these trees.

• All apples harvested with the picker or knocked to the ground are considered picked and must be placed in your bag.

• If you fail to return the picker you deposit, license or cc will not be returned. Do not leave the picker hanging around as people will take them if you are not looking

• If you keep the picker for more than a half hour, you will be required to pay an additional $2.00 to receive your deposit back.