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This store is for people that will pick up their order which will be available without getting out of your car.    Follow the link below to learn more, place your order and to get the Promo Codes to apply Discounts.

5% Off on 6 to 11 bottles of Wine

10% Off on 12 to 23 Bottles of Wine

15% Off on 24 Bottles of Wine or More


Buy 6 or Earn 6 – New Sanitizer Promotion – Now through Friday

Sanitizer sales of 4 ounce bottles are now limited to six bottles per customer.  You can either buy 6 bottles or, starting today, you can receive a FREE 4-ounce bottle for every $50 dollars in purchases (excluding sanitizer purchases) spent on line up to a maximum of 6 bottles (total purchased plus complimentary bottles cannot exceed 6 per customer).  Please do not add the free bottles of hand sanitizer to your cart. The product will be automatically added to your order at pick up.  Only add bottles that you are paying for directly.   Example, if you purchase 3 bottles and spend $150 on wine beer or spirits, you will get a total of 6 bottles even though your cart shows that you are only purchasing 3 bottles.

Use the link below to place an order for pickup.

  • Your order will be available for pickup within 1 hour of the order being placed.  Please select today’s date and 11 am for the time to be picked up unless you truly intend to pick it up in the future.  It will be held at our store until it is picked up but we ask that you pick it up within 48 hours.

  • Drive up to to the entrance to the wine shop where you will see an American flag and a table.

  • Dial 978-779-5521 and tell us that you are here to pick up your order.  We will bring out your order and either place it in your truck if your trunk is open or place it on the table for you to get once we leave.

  • Please hold your license up to your closed driver’s side window when our staff arrives.  They will signal a thumbs up once verified and you can then drive away or wait for our staff to leave to get your order on the table.

On our store you will have to enter a discount code based on your order.

If you order 6 to 11 bottles of wine or spirits, please enter 6 in the Promo Box to get 5% off.

If you order 12 to 23 bottles of wine or spirits, please enter 12 in the Promo Box to get 10% off.

If you order more than 24 bottles of wine or spirits, please enter 24 in the Promo Box to get 15% off.

The price on our beers and hard ciders have been reduced to our below our normal case discount price so you will be charged $1.10 for all bottles of beer and $1.35 for all bottles of cider regardless of the quantity.


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