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Cancellation Fees & Policies

For certain events that are paid for in advance, we charge a cancellation fee for reservations already booked. Every year we have a few people that object to our policy and while we understand the disappointment in paying for something that you cannot use, please understand that we also are disappointed but the cancellation does in fact cost us the amount that we are requiring you to forfeit. Following are our policies and the reason for our policies.

Why do we require that all Reservations Must be Prepaid by Credit Card?

In 2004, we had 35 people not show up for their reservation on Father’s Day. This represented 20% of the reservations. With staff, food cost and overhead, our net profit on operations does not equal 20% so on a day that should have been profitable we actually lost money. In addition and probably more important, servers that gave up their holiday to work earned 20% less than they anticipated. As a result, in 2005 we started to charge in advance for all reservations on these special days.

Why are Reservations Cancelled on or before a certain period of time are charged a $10.00 per person cancellation fee?

When you book a reservation, your credit card is charged for the reservation. Our web store is hosted by a third party service and they charge us 3% to handle the transaction. Additionally, when we process the credit card charge, an additional 2 to 3% is charged by the credit card company. On a $45 dollar transaction, these charges equal about $2.50. When the reservation is cancelled, the credit card company charges us an additional 2 to 3% for the transaction to issue the credit or another $2.50 on a transaction for $45. Once the reservation is cancelled, we have to log on to the third party store and adjust inventory on our store to make the reservation available so that w can resell the reservation to another person.  Recording and changes require a staff people time to adjust which is a cost to our operation. The fee of $10.00 does not even covers our actual cost to process your charge, issue your credit and then .

Why are Reservation Cancelled close to an event charged a $25.00 per person cancellation fee?

Within 7 days of any event we are usually sold out. When this occurs, we incur cost of $35.00 to modify three pages of our web site to either eliminate references and links to other pages on our site or to modify our pages with the notation that we are sold out. Additionally, when the last sale occurs, the event is removed from our third party store and all inventories of reservations are reset to zero so that no additional reservations can be made.

When someone wants to cancel after we are sold out, we are required to incur an additional cost of $35.00 to reset all pages on our web site plus the additional time to re-open the store for the sale of the cancelled reservation. When this reservation is resold, we incur all of these costs again to re-close our store and re-set our web site. The cost that we incur to open the store and modify our website for a single reservation is far in excess of the $25.00 per person that we charge but as an accommodation we only charge this fixed amount since it is generally less expensive simply to not re-sell the reservation than to reset everything required for a single reservation. While this charge might seem excessive, the cost, amount of time and effort to put all 80 reservations up on our site is almost equal to the cost, time and effort required to put a single reservation back up on our site for sale. As a result we generally feel that it is less expensive not to re-sell the reservation. If you insist that we re-sell the reservation, we will require you to assume all cost associated with the re-sale including cost in excess of the amount that you have already pre-paid for the reservation.

No Shows will be charged full fare including tax and tip

A reservation for these events is sold as a ticket much like a ticket to the theater or to a sporting event. We understand that an inevitable event may happen in your life or your plans which could prevent you from attending. Unfortunately, we cannot insure against all unforeseen events that may happen to our customers. If you cannot attend we have no problem with you gifting or selling your reservation to a third party or friend. This is what most of us would do if we had tickets to a play or game that we could not attend. Tickets or reservations to our events is an opportunity to attend the event and is not refundable except as detailed on this page. Before you book a reservation for one of our pre-paid events, we must insist that you accept the responsibility associated with the purchase. The only exception to our policy is for events that we cancel due to severe weather conditions which cancellation is in our sole discretion. Under no circumstance will we refund any money for reservations not used.

If you decide to cancel please email your cancellation request to Your request will be processed in accordance with the above policy. We will not respond to special request for consideration of a refund outside of the above policy. Please, before placing a reservation, understand our policies and accept responsibility for agreeing to the terms stated. If you are unsure of your plans, do not make a reservation.