Sorry, Easter Brunch reservations are SOLD OUT

easter brunch

Adult Price for ages 13 years and over :$45.00 includes tip, tax & winery tour

Children 12 years and under: $24.00 includes tip and tax

Children 2 years and under: Free

Please read the following information prior to placing a reservation.

An Essential Nashoba Valley Winery experience!

Celebrate and relax as you indulge in our extensive selections and creative flavors. Executive Chef Andy McWilliams will offer a beautiful buffet presentation of gourmet cuisine featuring local and natural products, artisinal New England cheeses, classic American roasts accented with creative accompaniments and sauces, an elaborate pastry display with fresh fruits, fruit sculptures and even fresh baked cookies for the kids.

Easter Sunday Brunch at J’s has become a much sought after event so make your reservations early.

For Easter Sunday Brunch we do not take reservations for parties of more than 10 people as it is important to preserve the ambiance and quality of our restaurant for all of our guests.

Reservations for parties of 6, 8 and 10 are very limited by the size of our restaurant. We also do not take requests for separate reservations at adjoining tables as it is impossible to coordinate tables becoming available at the same time but we will make every effort to seat multiple reservations at the closest table possible. While this might exclude some of our valuable customers who wish to entertain their entire family, we hope there is an appreciation and understanding of the special character and charm of J’s that we attempt to preserve.

Reservations for Easter Sunday Brunch are limited to service of one and one-half hour.

  • All Reservations Must be Prepaid by Credit Card

  • Reservations Cancelled on or before April 1st will be charged a $5.00 per person cancellation fee.

  • Reservations Cancelled on or before April 6th  will incur a $20.00 per person cancellation fee.

  • Reservations Cancelled after April 11th will be charged full fare price.

  • No Shows will be charged full fare including tax and tip

  • For more information about our cancellation charges – click here

By clicking the link below you will be directed to our on-line store. Reservations for Easter Sunday Brunch should appear at the bottom of the page. If it does not appear, simply press Easter Sunday Brunch under “more items” at the bottom of the page and the page will refresh with all available reservations under the wines available.


The site will not differentiate between adults and children so all reservations will note a charge of $45.00 per person. If your reservation includes any individuals under 12 years of age proceed to checkout after selecting the correct reservation and the number of people. On the second page of checking out there is a section for including “Notes or gift message” with your order. Please inform us of the number of individuals under the age of 12 and their ages and we will adjust the charges according to your message.

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J’s Easter Brunch Buffet 2o17

Hot Entrees/Sides:

– Blackened Shrimp with Creole Wild Rice, grilled pineapple-Riesling relish

– Applewood Smoked Ham, Kenyon’s-Vermont cheddar polenta

– House Smoked Breakfast Sausage, applewood smoked bacon

– Creme Brûlée French Toast with macerated berries, Tucker’s Farm maple syrup

-Egg Fritatta with Spring asparagus, gruyere, baby peas, tarragon, garden chives

-Braised Leg of Lamb, house smoked garlic-yukon gold potato purée, Cabernet-whole grain jus

– Oven “Fried” Chicken, red bliss parslied potatoes, native honey-chipotle glaze

-Soup : Spring Onion/Fennel bisque

– House Smoked Paprika Crepes, Gulf of Maine lobster, parmesan, baby spinach

Cold Selections:

– Grilled Spring Asparagus, red watercress, toasted pine nits, house made fresh mozzarella, truffle oil, balsamic

– Sushi : Hand rolled yellowfin tuna with Sriracha mayo, veggie rolls , seaweed salad, fresh wasabi, citrus soy sauce

– New Bedford  Spring Pea Tendrils , Westfield Farm blue goat cheese, native radishes, grapefruit, toasted almonds, lemon herb vinaigrette

– Maine Smoked Seafood display to include bay scallops, trout, mussels, salmon, capers, cucumber, red onion, herbed sour cream

-Barley Salad with Feta cheese, mint, cucumber, oregano, red onion, white balsamic vinaigrette

-Local granola, native honey, strawberry puree

House Desserts:

– Lemon Macaroons
– Espresso brownies with stout caramel
– Blueberry- Lemon Cupcakes with pineapple mint
– Fresh Baked Cookies such as Double chocolate chip, peanut butter, snicker doodles
– Assorted Local Artisan Cheeses featuring Westfield Farm and Smiths cheeses and assorted melons and grapes

Warm Dessert:

-House Made Carrot Cake, cream cheese icing, toasted coconut


    Special Diets and Sunday Brunch:

We would always suggest that you consider dinner or lunch before considering Brunch as the service is a buffet presentation where dishes are prepared without any special dietary consideration. Even with advance notice, it is not practical to prepare individual plates to accommodate a special diet but we are available to inform you of the ingredients in each plate presented on the buffet.
While there are always vegan and vegetarian options on the buffet, the dishes vary from week to week and we do not guarantee that we will present a satisfactory number of options available for those that adhere to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Our brunch buffet is a fixed price offering and we will not reduce our price based on your decision or need for a restricted diet. Should you decide to make a reservation for Sunday Brunch, please evaluate the buffet prior to eating as it is your decision and responsibility to determine if our buffet is able to satisfy your diet and if it presents a sufficient value to you based on the price that we charge. We do not take responsibility for cross contamination and will not allow partial or full refunds for special dietary needs.