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Reservations are REQUIRED means that we generally are not able to accommodate people without reservations.  If we are fortunate enough to be able to accommodate someone without a reservation, we definitely will accommodate you as this would be our preference also but we will not seat a person without a reservation if we are of the opinion that we might not be able to offer them our level of service.

As a very small restaurant, we staff based on reservations made in advance and we do not overstaff in anticipation of people walking in without reservations.  Staff is scheduled based on the number of reservations that have been made prior to the start of service.  If we have only 24 reservations or less we schedule 2 servers and each server has the ability to professionally serve about 12 to 14 reservations properly, we will have empty tables and chairs but we will not have staff available to service those empty tables since our ability to accommodate customers without reservations is not only limited by the number of chairs or tables but also by the staff, servers and chefs that are working.  Unlike corporate owned restaurants located next to a large population that plan on a walk in customer, we do not schedule staff expecting people to drive to the country without a reservation. If you plan ahead, make a reservation and show up on the time of your reservation with the number of people that your reservation was for, you will have a wonderful dining experience with great service in a wonderful country farm-house setting! Thanks

Advance Reservations can be made on line

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For same day reservations, please call 978-779-9816 to insure that we have availability.