Lunch and Dinner Service

For our dinner and lunch service, if you require specially prepared foods for allergy or dietary reasons, please let us know by sending an email in advance to

Most of the time, our talented chefs can make menu items that are dairy, gluten or salt-free, garlic-free, vegetarian, etc. Communicating with our team about dietary restrictions will insure a great experience for everyone; our chefs are experienced in recommending dishes and are familiar with menu ingredients.

In your email, please be as specific with your dietary requirements or preferences as possible.  After receiving you information, we will email you with recommendations as to what on the menu can be prepared to meet your dietary requirements and will try suggesting other options.  Please do not hesitate to also email us about any ingredients that you might prefer as this information will be very helpful in suggesting options.  Thanks.

Sunday Brunch

We would always suggest that you consider dinner or lunch before considering Brunch as the service is a buffet presentation where dishes are prepared without any special dietary consideration. Even with advance notice, it is not practical to prepare individual plates to accommodate a special diet but we are available to inform you of the ingredients in each plate presented on the buffet.

While there are always vegan and vegetarian options on the buffet, the dishes vary from week to week and we do not guarantee that we will present a satisfactory number of options available for those that adhere to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Our brunch buffet is a fixed price offering and we will not reduce our price based on your decision or need for a restricted diet. Should you decide to make a reservation for Sunday Brunch, please evaluate the buffet prior to eating as it is your decision and responsibility to determine if our buffet is able to satisfy your diet and if it presents a sufficient value to you based on the price that we charge.

Click here for our current Gluten Free Lunch and Dinner menu

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