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Dear Friends,

Please do not make a reservation unless you are willing to dine inside as we are now only taking reservations for indoor seating.

On Friday, July 10th, we had 46 reservations booked.  When the weather become uncooperative, we had 28 cancellations.  Full staffing was already on site by the time most cancellations were received so that much of the staff was sent home.  We cannot retain our staff  or maintain our business with a 60% cancellation rate.  Accordingly, we are now only accepting reservations for indoor seating.

The front outside seating area will now offer wine service and an “off the menu” selection for light dining only.  This will be our cocktail patio.  You may call after 3 pm on the day of dining to see if we are going to take walk-ins for this area.

The rear outside seating will be reserved and utilized for people with indoor reservation when the weather cooperates.  Outdoor seating on the rear patio will be to our inside guests on a first come first opportunity basis.  We will no longer guarantee outdoor seating.

Lunch Reservation are now offered at our Picnic Grounds Only- Please click here to learn more.