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Dear Friends,

Unfortunately we have experience an unsustainable increase in cancellations/No Shows which necessitates a new approach to our business.   For the period of 07/23 t0 07/25 we had  85 people cancel 92 people that honored their reservations.   Since we are operating at 60 percent capacity due to social distancing,  a 48 percent cancellation/no show statistic is financially devastating.  Each night we staffed based on 55 reservations and yet serve only 32 people.

For each person that cancels or does not show up, our server’s pay is reduced by approximately 6.66% .  When a table of six cancels, a server loses 40% of their expected earnings for the evening based on serving 15 people per evening.

We apologized but unfortunately, we are now charging a non-refundable booking fee of $10.00 per person for all reservations.   The booking fee will be applied to your bill on date of service if you honor your reservation.  If you cancel or do not show or reschedule, the fee is forfeited.  While we appreciate that this will eliminate many reservations, the decision is based on the belief that our staff will be better paid if we staff for 20 people and serve 20 people than if we staff for 55 people and only serve 32.  If you are a frequent visitor and wish to express your disappointment, please email

All reservations are for inside seating.  Should the weather cooperate, outside seating will be offered only to those with reservations inside and then on a first come first serve basis.

Lunch Reservation are now offered at our Picnic Grounds Only- Please click here to learn more.