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Off dry mead with a lingering full honey body. The intricate notes of clover, flowers and fruits that prelude to the making of the honey are richly represented.



Pure clover and apple blossom honey…


Honey is ameliorate and then heated before fermentation. The mead is fermented dry, aged in stainless steel tanks and then sweetened with honey to about 2-3% residual reducing sugar. A smooth, semi-sweet, nicely balanced wine with a crisp, delicious honey finish.


This wine is ready to drink young and ages well for 2-3 years.

Food Pairings and Serving Suggestions

Works well with lobster, crab and scallops or serve as an aperitif. Serve chilled.

Retail price per bottle: $13.50
Restaurant price per bottle: $30.00
Restaurant price per glass: $7.50