Purchasing and Using Gift Certificates

Nashoba offers gift cards in any denomination.

Gift Cards may be used towards any purchases at the Winery, Brewery,  orchard, at our restaurant or a combination of locations.  Currently, they cannot be used for on line purchases, picnic lunches or at our snack shack during PYO season.

Gift cards can only be purchased on-line or at the wine shoppe. We do not sell Gift Cards at the restaurant as our staff is dedicated to providing great service to our guests during our hours of operations.

We have tried to answer most of your questions below and request that you read the following information before clicking the image to the left which will be bring you to our on-line store where you may purchase gift certificates in any denomination.

Our Gift Cards are not electronic.  They are similar to credit cards and will be mailed pursuant to the Ship To address that you will provide when checking out of our store.

If the “Bill To information is different than the Ship To information, we will assume that the gift card is a gift and will ship the card to the Ship To address without a bill but with a note stating the name of the purchaser.   When checking out, if you would like us to include a special notation like “Annie and Jeff, Congratulations on your new Home, The Pelletier’s” , you can stipulate this in the comment section when checking out.  The comment section can be used for providing us with any other directions that you would like to follow in processing your order.

Gift Cards are mailed via the United States Postal Service withing 24 hours of placing the order.  However, once they are mailed, we do not have the ability to track or calculate the delivery date as this is based solely on the efficiency of the Postal Service.

If you need the gift card quickly but cannot get to the retail shop during regular hours, we suggest that you place your order for the card on line and note that you intend to pick it up in the evening at the restaurant when they are open.   When you are checking out the first screen will give you an option to “Pick up at the winery.”  Click this option and then in the “Comments” section note that you intend to pick up your Gift Card at the restaurant. Please identify the time and date of pick up. The order must be received before 2:00 pm of the day that you wish to pick it up if you intend to pick up your Gift Card the same evening. You will then be able to pick up your purchase from the host at the restaurant any time that we are also open for reservations.  The restaurant hours of operation for picking up gift certificates are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  All cards must be picked up on the time and date noted.  If the card is not picked up on the date and time noted then it will be mailed to the purchaser of the card and not to the intended recipient.   The pick up time must be scheduled for a date not more than 7 days from the date of purchase or as we simply do not have the ability to manage or inventory purchased gift cards.

Cards do not have an expiration date but are not redeemable for cash. Cards are similar to cash and are payable to the bearer. Therefore, it is important that you not lose or misplace your gift card as we are required to honor the card when presented and there is no way that we can deny honoring a card to the person in possession.

For On-Line Purchase of Wine, if you are using a gift certificate to pay for an order you will still have to enter credit card information. However, when checking out you will be presented with a comment section. Please identify the gift card number in the comment section and we will apply the funds available on the gift card first and then the balance, if any, to the credit card.

Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase wine tastings, wine tours reserve tables or other events that are processed under our “Book It”  tab as this site is hosted by Fareharbor which does not integrate with our Gift Certificate program.  Sorry

Finally, we cannot process any charges over the telephone as the terms of our credit card processor requires us to have signed card authorization or web store based authorization.