Formal Tasting Room

At our seated indoor tasting room, one of our Estate hosts will take you through an unforgetable expereince. For $16 you will recieve 8 tokens and a commemorative Nashoba wine glass. Those 8 tokens can be used for any of our products made right here on site.

All our wines, beers, and hard ciders are 1 token while any of our distilled spirits are 2 tokens. Mix and match at your discretion allowing yourself time to enjoy the 45 minute experience. We also have cheese boards avaialble to purchase when you are seated for your tasting. Reservations are strongly recommended on weekends.


Policies & Cancellations

  • Reservations held for max of 10 minutes and then are forfeited 
  •    Reservations are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled
  • Should a member of your group not wish to taste wines but still be seated at the tasting bar,  they will still need to pay the tasting fee and will receive a commemorative wine glass as well as a six ounce pour of  non-alcoholic wine to enjoy during your tasting.
  • Tastings are restricted to age 21 Years and Older. Children or infants are not allowed at this experience

Goal of the Experience

Our tasting area is for exploring our wines prior to purchase. Unlike our Pavillion Tasting area where conversation is the focus, this tasting area is focused on learning about our wines and operations.  Please be sure to manage your time to complete your tasting within the 45 minutes allotted. 

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