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As a member of Nashoba Loyalty Program, you will earn 1 point for every $10 you spend. Every 10 points can be redeemed for a $5 discount.

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Our Loyalty program allows guests to easily enroll, earn, and redeem rewards at your restaurant.

Guests can sign up with your Loyalty program in many ways — when paying at the register, signing the check at their table, placing an online order, or even through the Toast Takeout app. Once signed up, guests start earning points with every purchase made at your restaurant. These points are recorded through a phone number, email address, or credit card linked to their loyalty account.

Once guests have earned enough points (10), they can redeem them for rewards you set for your restaurant, like a free beverage or discounted meal —  the choice is yours! 

Points can be earned on almost every purchase with the exception of expenses incurred in hosting a Private Event.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my Nashoba Rewards points expire?

Yes, points expire after 12 months if there has been no activity (meaning no Reward point earning transaction) with an account.

Which purchases do Loyalty members earn points on?

Loyalty points are earned on all Nashoba’s products purchased a except for the following: the purchase or reload of Gift Cards, Discounts, Bolton Artisan Guild merchandise or any payments for or charges related to private events.

On what items can point be used for?

Loyalty points can be used on all Nashoba’s products purchased on site except for the following:  Bolton Artisan Guild merchandise or online purchases of alcoholic beverages or event tickets, cooking demos or other special events.

Will a guest accrue loyalty points from purchasing a gift card?

No, guests will not receive loyalty points from purchasing a gift card. They can however receive loyalty points when paying with that gift card if the items purchased are eligible for loyalty. 

Will I earn the same number of points regardless of how I pay?

Yes! Loyalty members can earn the same number of points regardless of how they pay — cash, credit/debit, enrolled Gift Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Don’t forget to enter your phone number before paying in-store to earn your points

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