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Guidelines for the opening of Restaurants

With the opening of Phase 2, restaurants and other establishments that serve food are allowed to open if they can provide outdoor seating.   As of Monday, June 22nd, inside seating is being allowed and will be available at J’s Restaurant starting Thursday June 25th.

Restaurant must restrict all reservations to 6 people or less and all customers must be seated.   All tables must be a minimum of 6′ apart.   The objective is to balance the opening of businesses with guidelines to insure safety.   One of the guidelines for safety is  limiting the number of people in contact with each other. Large gatherings (greater than 6), are not allowed in a restaurant environment. For this reason, bars, winery tasting rooms and tours are not permitted to open as people tend to move about.  All of our operations are operating under the guidelines applicable to restaurants and it is our commitment to respect and follow these guidelines because we believe they are appropriate and will protect the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Following the rules of 6 people or less at a table,  putting two tables together or allowing people to move from one table to another is equivalent to hosting a gathering for more than 6 people.  Many restaurants, breweries and wineries are not as fortunate to have the space available.   Our operations are being opened and respecting the law so that other business will be allowed to open as soon as possible.  We believe it is important for us to strictly follow every aspect of the law and to follow both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law so that all business will soon be open and we will avoid the spike in cases being seen in other states.

Our goal is to be the most responsible business we can be. I would strongly suggest that any establishment that is not opening with the same approach is putting people’s lives at risk as well as their business. We have made it this far, lets stay compliant and work towards returning the old normal to our lives.  If you think we are wrong in our approach, please reach out to our government and express you opinion.