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Our operations are based on safety and what is required by guidelines issued by Governor Baker.  These are very difficult times to be operating a small business and to the 99% of the people that have visited over the past three weeks and who have enjoyed the safe environment that we have created, thank you .  A special thanks to the people that have given us positive reviews about our approach and to those who have emailed us about our operations.   We continue to work very hard to make visits as relaxed and as safe as possible.

We acknowledge that our operations are not for everyone but safety and compliance is our most important objective.   As a responsible business, this means that we will not look the other way if you come with a group larger than 6 people.  We will not look the other when people at one table join up with people at another table.  We will enforce the guidelines that have allowed us to re-open including rules on social distancing and the need to wear face masks when you are not seated at your table or when you are coming from or going to your cars or the restrooms.

Please, take a moment to understand how we are operating because when you arrive, our rules  and guidelines issued by the Government are not open to discussion or modification based on your personal feelings about safety or the guidelines issued by Governor Baker.

Wine Shop – Although the wine shop is not open to the public, our shop is operating for curbside pickup of all retail items including wine, spirits, beers and food items.  We also offer delivery of wine to your home or business via UPS or FedEx.  The Shop is also available to deliver retail items including wine, spirits, beers and food items to tables located on our picnic grounds.  Currently we are projecting opening our retail shop (12 people at a time) on July 16th, 2020.  See Picnic Grounds hours of operations below.

Picnic Grounds – -Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. We have instituted a lot of changes to our operations and especially to the way we are operating our picnic grounds so please read this entire page for all of the information about our operational changes and to make reservations.  Reservations are required and reservations can only be for 6 people or less, 1 table per group, tables cannot be moved and interaction between tables is prohibited by guidelines issued by Governor Baker (no exceptions).  We do not allow any food or beverages to be brought in from the outside as we are operating our grounds as a restaurant where you can order food, wine beer and other retail items on line for delivery to your table.   Click Here to Make a reservation and reserve a Picnic Table

Tours and Tastings are closed.  Tasting Bars and tours are currently classified as a Phase 4 operation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  We are working on alternatives which will comply with current regulations.   Please look to governmental websites for additional information about phased operations including the timing of Phase 4.


J’s Restaurant.    Restaurant is only open in the evenings by reservation.  Reservations can be made from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  When possible we are sitting people outside and using inside seating as required by weather conditions

Lunch is being offered at our picnic grounds. Click here for information about dining at our picnic grounds.

Weddings, Events, Private Gatherings etc. are no longer being offered at this time.  We do not believe that current conditions and restrictions allow us to host events that would create an enjoyable environment for guests.

Some helpful links that will assist you and guide you through the process.

Customer Guide to what is expected when Visiting

Frequently Asked Questions about How Our Operations have been altered by Covid-19

Order Food, Beverages, and other retail items for delivery to your assigned Table for on-site consumption.

Map of Tables at our Picnic Area

Quick View of Food available in our Picnic Grounds

Summary of Our Phases – What is and is not Open and when will other features open

Safety Guidelines for All Visitors and Staff  –PLEASE READ PRIOR TO COMING

Please note that we are being financially hurt by people booking reservations and then cancelling or not showing up for reservations.  With distancing requirements in place we are now limited in the number of people we can accommodate and with 200 cancellations or no-shows,  this is seriously impacting our ability to financially survive.  Beginning August 1 we will be instituting a booking charge as we cannot sustain a business with so many no shows.   We apologize to all of our customers that honor their reservations and will try to develop a system that is fair to those who show up.  At the time we are technologically challenged to figure out a way but we will have it worked out soon.  These are times to be conscientious and caring.  


Reservations are from the designated time of arrival and last for 2 1/2 hours (150 min) at which time we will make the table available for another group.    You will be able to order and pay for food and beverages on-line, preferably prior to your visit, for delivery to your reserved table.   When you book a table, you will receive an email confirmation with your table number.  When ordering, follow the link above and make sure to put your table number in the check out block labeled “Suite/Apartment”. When ordering, please use an email address that you check and provide a cellphone number so that we can text you with any questions about your visit.

People without reservations will not be allowed to park or exit their car but our curbside pickup operations will still be operating so you will be directed to the pickup/exit area.

All Buildings except restrooms are closed to the public even should inclement weather descend upon us.  We will not be offering tours or tastings.  The Retail Shop, Pavilion and Restaurant buildings remain closed to the public.

Outside tables will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart with most spaced 12 feet apart and are limited to a maximum of 6 people.   Tables cannot be moved under any circumstances.

No outside food or beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)  may  be brought onto the property as we are operating our grounds as an outdoor restaurant so all social rules of going to a restaurant apply.  Exceptions may be allowed by email us at for special diets that we cannot fulfill or for very young children.

Check In –  – Once you have parked your car, please proceed to the wine shop and the Check In Window where your temperature will be checked, your age verified and table assigned.

Moving About – When proceeding to your table or when going to the restroom (virtual line only) please note that the pathway  is identified by green and red flags.  Remember “Red Right Returning” to your table and Green side when going to your table from the parking area or to the restroom.

You may bring:

  • Personal clothing and affects
  • Small Coolers with or without ice to keep purchased beverages chilled.
  • Pop Up Tents for Shade (Max 10′ X 10′),
  • 8′ umbrellas for Shade
  • With advance notice and approval food or beverage required because of a medical condition or to accommodate babies and young children.

Things you should bring

  • Corkscrew
  • Glasses
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Sense of Humor
  • Lots of Money

Bathrooms  –

Social distancing, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, wearing cloth masks, properly covering your coughs is the key to our victory.   Although  COVID-19 is primarily spread via respiratory droplets produced by someone who is infected, studies provide cautionary warnings that the virus may potentially be spread through other bodily fluids.  Please follow our guidelines for using our rest rooms.

  1. Rather that having our customers stand in line we will be using a virtual line system.  Join the virtual line and we will notify you when you are next in line at which time you should proceed to the restroom area.    Virtual lines are absolutely the same as physical lines so if there is no one in line you will be notified immediately.  There will be a spot designated for the next person in line.

  2. Each bathroom area will be restricted to a single person at one time which means that we will only have a total of 4 toilets available – 3 for women and 1 for men.

  3. Upon entering the facility, inspect and make sure the person before you left the bathroom in good order. If not, please report this to the bathroom coordinator out side of the facility.

  4. Take care of business as quickly as possible paying attention to everything you touch as you will be asked to sanitize those areas before leaving.

  5. You will be provided with a toilet seat cover. Please use it and place it in the plastic waste bag provided.   Please do not put it down the drain as this will clog our toilets.

  6. After attending to business, wash your hands with the soap provided. Dry your hands with the paper towels and put the paper towels in the waste bag provided to you.

  7. Disinfect anything that you touch. Use the sanitary towels provided to you to wipe down the toilet seat, sink, faucet and anything else that you touched including doors.

  8. With the exception of toilet paper, please place all items used during your use of the rest room in the plastic bag provided and place the plastic bag in the rubbish containers outside of the rest rooms. We do not want any rubbish left inside of the bathrooms.

  9. Leave the bathroom cleaner than you found it and you will have achieved the goal of being a socially responsible friend.

Please note that our guidelines are not intended to replace or conflict with any policies,  procedures or laws instituted by the Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, local government, Board of Health or any other entity having jurisdiction over our operations.  If our guidelines are in conflict with procedures issued by our government, the procedures issued by government will supersede our guidelines.  If you see that we are doing something wrong or notice an area for improvement, let us know at