For us, our winery is our home, our vineyard, our orchard, our place of business and a place where we hope people will experience our vision of what our winery is all about.  We invite people to our special place so that they can gather with friends, relax and enjoy our wines and beers, while experiencing food from our kitchen and the beautiful Town of Bolton, Massachusetts. It is a perfect place to have a glass of wine, enjoying the country and watching the sunset.  

We invite people to our winery hoping that they can share in our experience, appreciate our hard work, and perhaps learn a little about our wines and our approach to winemaking.  If you are looking for a relaxing lunch stop, enjoyable evening sunset, or are truly interested in learning about wine and viticulture, then visiting wineries with your kids is perfectly acceptable, and can be a lot of fun.  

A winery is different than visiting a farms that focuses their attention on Family related activities like hayrides, Pick Your Own, Petting Zoos, Corn Mazes, and family games.  Our primary focus is presenting an adult beverage to adults, educating them about our vineyard and operations and hopefully finding long lasting customers that will support us going forward.  While we always welcome children to our farm and vineyard, we are not a farm that focuses on providing entertainment for children.

Children must always stay with their parents.   We do not allow children running around tables or through the orchard or in the vineyard. Please remember and respect that there are a lot of people that come to Nashoba for an adult gathering and for social distancing so no matter how cute your child is, perhaps they do not appreciate little ones running around their table.   

Children are allowed on the Tours provided they are quiet but they are not allowed in areas hosting our Tasting Experience.  They are also not allowed in the Pavilion when we are offering entertainment.   When planning a visit, it is important for parents to explain to children that are going to visit a farm/vineyard, which despite acres of open land, is not a playground.  Bring small games, books or electronics – iPods, iPads, etc. – to keep the kids occupied; never underestimate the power of a deck of cards and a good game of “Go Fish” or “Cheat” if they are older.

Take a moment to explain to your children where they are going and what is expected.  The throwing of objects, running or rolling around the grounds is not permitted anywhere on the property.  There is a playground and baseball field at the bottom of the hill about 3/10th of a mile from the winery.  Consider driving or walking to the playground to burn off excess energy.

Noise should be kept to a minimum.  Screaming is not allowed.

Ponds are dangerous.  Like swimming pools, they present a clear and dangerous safety risk to children.  Our ponds are very deep and are used for irrigation.  Because of multiple incidents where children where not being watched we no longer allow children near any body of water with or without adult supervision.

The fruit that we grow is our livelihood.  Apples on the ground are recovered to produce Vodka.  Each year we find hundreds of people taking apples without paying for them or children picking apples and throwing them to the grounds or down the hill or into the ponds as a means of entertainment.  With hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, if everyone were to take an apple, we would have a financial loss of over $40,000.  Most people would not take an apple from a shelf in a grocery store without paying for it so we simply ask that you show us the same respect you show to the owners of grocery stores. One apple does make a difference.

Our flowers from our gardens are for everyone to enjoy and are intended to make our property beautiful.  Please do not allow your children to pick them.  Imagine how you would feel if you came home to people picking flowers on your property?  We grow flowers to make our farm beautiful and not to entertain.  We appreciate the joy of having your child present you with a boquet of flowers but we would appreciated it if the flowers came from your garden rather than our gardents.

There are a lot of things that unattended and uninformed children will do without understanding that the activity is not appropriate at the venue.  Take the time to help your children understand the importance of and reason for rules.  Understanding what is acceptable behavior at a playground, a church, a hospital or a farm is different.  It will be an incredible help and learning experience for children to appreciate that different venues require different behavior.   We are not a free-range venue for children to explore their independence so we ask our visiting parents to provide guidance.

Finally, please appreciate that parenting is a full-time job so drinking on the job is not something we encourage.  We recommend both a designated driver and a designated parent when spending time at a winery with your children.