The Vintner's Knoll Restaurant

December 1 to August 30th.  Reservations are  Offered but not required 
September 1 to November 30th – Reservations are not required on Weekdays
September 1 to November 30th – Reservations are required on Saturday and Sunday

Please note that reservations can only be made up to 14 days in the future and will not be accepting reservations after November 14th as we will transition to a walk in service only.  We also hope to open our indoor heated Pavilion for lunch service after November 14th.  Our grounds are operating as an outdoor restaurant so all food and beverages must be purchased on site.  We do not allow customer to bring their own food or beverage into our farm.  Reservations are limited to a single table and for the number of people that is designated by the table type.  We do not move tables or relocate tables to accomodate groups trying to circumvent our policy on limiting gatherings.  Click Here for more information.

Planning a visit and wish to enjoy some local wine, beer and food overlooking the beautiful Town of Bolton.  The Vintner’s Knoll is our outside winery grounds where we offer a  casual dining and tasting venue, with social distancing, contact-free service and the ambiance of a country vineyard.   All tables are outside and, at this time, we no longer allow people to sit on the grounds to preserve adequate distancing.  Every seat and table is outdoors so if the weather does not cooperate, we do not have alternative seating indoors.  

The Vintner’s Knoll is a modified service restaurant.  Food and wine service (flights available as well as by the glass & bottle) is coordinated through our on-line ordering system.  Click Here to See Our Current Food Menu.  Each Table has a QR code that will bring up our menu when you scan the code with the camera on your smart phone.  A link to our online store will appear where you will place your orders for anything needed including water.  A member of our team will deliver beverages ordered directly to your table.  For food items, you will receive a text message that your order is ready for pickup and we ask that you pick up your food at the Snack Shack.  



Summary of the Vintner’s Knoll

  • All picnic tables, patios, porches and grass area around the winery are now used to accommodate customers of the Vintner’s Knoll.  Outside food or beverage is not permitted to be consumed anywhere on the property.   
  • We have tables that will accommodate to 12 people but these tables are by reservation only.  For people without reservatoins, the maximum number of people that we will accomodate as a walk in is 6 people.  Tables are limited to the number of seats listed for the table. We do not allow the booking of multiple tables and we definitely do not accommodate people that book multiple tables and request that they be seated together. 
  • Reservations are for 2 1/4 hours or less.  
  • To accommodate service to a location, all customers must be at a table in order to order beverages or food.   At this time we still do not allow people to sit on the ground unless they also have a table.  If you have a reservation at a table, it is acceptable to place a blanket on the ground next to your table with the understanding that the blanket is immediately adjacent to your table so that the spacing between tables is not compromised.  

Food Served 11 am to 4 pm – Wine Served with Food 11 am to 4:30 pm – Grounds closes at 5:00 pm
Food Available 11am to 4 pm – Wine Served with Food until 4:30 pm – Grounds closes at 5:00 pm

Food Available 11am to 4 pm – Wine Served with Food until 4:30 pm – Grounds closes at 5:00 pm

Food Available 11am to 5 pm – Wine Served with Food until 5:30 pm – Grounds closes at 6:00 pm

Food Available 11am to 5 pm – Wine Served with Food until 5:30 pm – Grounds closes at 6:00 pm

Saturday – Reservations Required
Food Available 11am to 5 pm – Wine Served with Food until 5:30 pm – Grounds closes at 6:00 pm

Sunday – Reservations Required
Food Available 11am to 4 pm – Wine Served with Food until 4:30 pm – Grounds closes at 5:00 pm

All service is done with disposable plates, utensils, glasses and napkins.  We will provide each table with a plastic bag and request that you place all disposable in the bag at the end of your visit.  While we will provide plastic tumblers for wine, if your preference is to drink out of a glass, you can order glassware which can be taken home for future use or you can bring your own glassware.  If you are looking for restaurant table service, then we strongly suggest that you consider dining at J’s Restaurant which is located on our property and adjacent to the Vintner’s Knoll.  The menu is different and offers exceptional table service.

Outside Food or Beverage is not allowed on the Property.

Our policy with respect to outside food and beverages has changed permanently.  Our goal is to present a casual dining experience pairing our food with our wines.  The goal is to offer more services to fewer people to create a better experience for everyone.  During our busy season, reservations will be required for all activities except retail shopping.  Our goal is to consistently offer throughout the year the level of services that we feel our customers expect when visiting a winery.