Imagine the perfect outdoor venue where you can gather with friends over some of the most incredible wines, beers, ciders and wine slushies made locally.  When you come to Nashoba you will be presented with wines, beers, spirits that are all produced on our farm by our family and friends and when you visit our farm, you are supporting local agriculture while keeping land from being developed.  There is no entrance charge and no parking fees.  On weekends we often offer free music (check calendar) and there is no charge to reserve a table nor is there an entertainment charge.  
While there is no need to make a reservation, why risk it when a table can be reserved for free?  Plus, when you make a reservation, we can better prepare for your visit.  During the months of August, September and October, there are weekends when all of our tables are reserved so we do recommend making a reservation because, like all venues, there is a limit to the number of people we can serve.  If you show up without a reservation, we will always do our best to accommodate you at a table or we will invite you to join us at our Terrace Bar which is a wonderful experience but has limited offerings of beverages and food.  You can find information about our Terrace Bar by clicking here.  
At the Vintner’s Knoll there is no requirement to purchase food or even drinks but you are not allowed to bring in your own food.  If you wish to include food with your visit we offer charcuterie boards, sandwiches, flatbread, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, fries, salads, wraps and more.  Click here to see out menu which also shows which items can be prepared gluten free.  Additionally, in our retail shop we offer plenty of snacks including local cheeses, crackers, nuts, spreads, popcorn, chips, salsas and much more. On some Fridays and weekends we also migh have a visiting food truck as an additional option.  For additional information on why we do not allow outside food, please click here.  
We offer modified table service at the Vintner’s Knoll.  Ordering is done primarily by scanning a QR code at your table.  If this is not suitable, please ask for a server to take your order and provide you with a paper menu.  Your drink orders will be delivered to your table.  For food orders, you will receive a text message to come to the food prep station to be picked up.  The price of drinks served at your table is the same price we charge in the retail shop.  The reason that we changed this approach to on-site consumption is to make sure that we are able to monitor consumption.  It is not only the law but our responsibility.
The Vintner’s Knoll is able to offer tables for gatherings of up to 12 people. Click here to make a reservation.
For groups above 12 people, 
  1. We can accommodate families with small children at our family friendly tables that will accommodate up to 16 people with a maximum of 12 adults. Click Here.
  1. For groups from 12 to 16 people we have a table to accommodate 16 adults but with the requirement that food has to be pre-ordered and paid for from a smaller menu. Click Here. 
  1. For groups above 16, we now offer our events at our private patio area that can accommodate up to 40 people. For more information about The Deck, click here. 
Want to know why we limit the size of reservations or do not allow multiple bookings?  Click here to learn about our approach to providing great service.  
For more information visit our Knowledge Base which offers incite into our operations.
If you cannot find the answer to your question in our knowledge base, email
When you arrive, please check in at the Information Booth and they will assign you a table or escort you to a table or the Vintner’s Knoll Terrace Bar.
Please note that the Vintner’s Knoll is an outdoor venue.  While all of the tables have umbrellas and while we remain open, rain, shine or snow, we do not offer alternative seating indoors.  If the weather does not cooperate or if you do not feel that the weather is suitable for your visit, we unfortunately do not have a place that offers covered or heated accommodations.   Sorry.


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