R e s e r v a t i o n s O p t i o n s f o r t h e V i n t n e r ' s K n o l l

Hello there! Welcome to the Vintner’s Knoll. We would like to describe the different table options available to you during your visit. We offer a range of seating arrangements to cater to your preferences including addirondack chairs, hightop and picnic tables for up to 12 people.  See our option for up to 18 people or our Private Patio Function for up to 40 people.   All tables are outdoor as we do not offer indoor seating at the Vintner’s Knoll. You are not required to book a table during weekdays unless you are accompanied by a group of more than 6 people. However, we highly recommend booking a table for weekends, particularly if you are with a group of more than 6 people, to ensure we can accommodate you promptly. We assure you that we do our very best to cater to everyone who comes to our farm and thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We hope to see you soon!

The Vintner's Knoll

Planning a visit to our winery and wish to enjoy some local wine, beer and food overlooking the beautiful Town of Bolton? You have found the right place.

Imagine the perfect outdoor venue where you can gather with friends over some of the most incredible wines, beers, ciders and wine slushies made locally. From your table, enter the wine of your choice either by the bottle or glass and we will deliver it to your table. Scan the incredible foods from our onsite food trailer and you will receive a text message when it is ready to be picked up. Our food operations get great reviews with such items as charcuterie, hummus and pretzel boards, flat breads, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and much more. Take a look at what we have to offer. You can also purchase snacks, chips, cheeses and much more from our retail shop for onsite consumption. We continue to add more and more snack foods to our retail offerings.

The Vintner’s Knoll is able to offer tables for gatherings of up to 12 people. We can accommodate families with small children at our family friendly tables that will accommodate up to 16 people. For groups above 12, we now offer our events at our private patio area that can accommodate up to 40 people. For more information about The Deck, click here. Sorry, this is the only area where groups above 16 people are allowed to reserve. Please take a moment to review the information about why we limit the size of reservations and our approach to providing great service.

All tables are outdoor and spaced approximately 6 ‘ apart offering social distancing, contact-free service and the ambiance of a country vineyard.

In addition to our tables we have the Vintner’s Knoll Terrace Bar which is dog friendly and where you can either sit at a table or on the grassed area around the bar. Bring chairs, a blanket, sit, relax and maybe take a nap.

For more information visit our Knowledge Base which offers incite into our operations.

Can find the answer to your question, email support@nashobawinery.com

When you arrive, please check in at the Information Booth and they will assign you a table or escort you to a table or the Vintner’s Knoll Terrace Bar.

* Outside food or beverage is not permitted to be consumed anywhere on the property.

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