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We are here to Listen

We are here to learn and listen

If you have a recommendation, a comment, a concern, or a complaint, we are here to listen.  Compliments accepted also!

As a family-owned farm, we invite you to discuss anything with us and hope that you will reach out to us whenever we disappoint you.  We guarantee that we respond to each and every email. We welcome hearing directly from customers so that we can resolve mistakes, learn from our experience and improve our business or explain the reason for our approach.   If you want to help small businesses survive, grow and improve, then reach out to them directly  and give them the opportunity to respond.  Give us the opportunity to correct mistakes and improve our operations and we might surprise you. We truly treasure and appreciate customers that reach out to us and allowing us the opportunity to learn and grow.  Neighbors talking to neighbors, just like the old days before social media abducted our willingness to talk.  

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