E x p e r i e n c e s

This Entire Section is under development as we wait for guidelines that will allow us to offer experiences in the future. Nothing on this page is planned and the prices listed are intended to make you aware that the experience is not accurate. Time for COVID to Leave.


Time to Treat Yourself

Enjoy the vast variety of wines and experiences we offer. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of lush vineyards and scenic, panoramic views, our intimate seated tastings offer an unparalleled, exclusive setting for experiencing our handcrafted, estate-grown wines.


E s t a t e T o u r

$6000 per Guest/ $1500 for Club Members

Take a walk through the beautiful valley, nibble on ripe grapes and taste the wine made from the very same fruit. You’ll be taken through the process of growing and harvesting grapes, and enjoy a beautiful sunset on our Sunset Valley with a glass of wine in hand, of course.

W i n e - M a k i n g T o u r

$6000 per Guest/ $1500 for Club Members

Ever wondered what happens to grapes once it’s been harvested? That’s where the magic happens. Our technologists will walk you through the process of fermentation, aging and mixing of different sorts of wines. You’ll have the chance to be part of the wine-making process.

Tasting Room

Club Member

E x c l u s i v e T a s t i n g

-4 Complimentary Tastings per Member/ $4500 per Additional Guest

Just for our club members, these specially curated tastings feature a flight of five wines hand-selected by our hospitality team and tailored to fit each member’s palate and preferences.

W i n e & C h e e s e f o r T w o

$1200 per Couple

Enjoy an immersive tasting that showcases the range of our most alluring wines combined with select artisan cheeses for a truly Italian experience.


Club Member

E x c l u s i v e W i n e C o c k t a i l P a r t y

April 14, 19:00h/ $60000

A glamorous one-time event that meets up all wine connoisseurs.

A f t e r n o o n P i c n i c

$7500 per Guest

Every last Sunday of the of the month throughout the summer season (May-September) we hold a picnic where wine-makers and wine-lovers alike meet to enjoy each other’s company. Combined with select wines and freshly made 3-course meal for everyone, this is the recipe for the perfect Sunday afternoon.