For us, our winery is our home, our vineyard, our orchard, our place of business and a place where we hope people will experience our vision of what our work is all about.  We invite people to our special place so that they can gather with friends, relax and enjoy our wines, while experiencing food from our kitchen and the beautiful Town of Bolton, Massachusetts. It is a perfect place to have a glass of wine, enjoying the country and watching the sunset.  

We invite people to our winery hoping that they can share in our experience, appreciate our hard work, and perhaps learn a little about our wines and our approach to winemaking.  If you are looking for a relaxing lunch stop, enjoyable evening sunset, or are truly interested in learning about wine and viticulture, then visiting wineries will be a lot of fun.  

Many people make reservations to celebrate a a birthday, upcoming wedding or special event and have a great time.  They understand that our primary focus is to present an adult beverage to adults, educating people about our vineyard and operations and hopefully finding long lasting customers that will support us going forward.  We invite you to have a nice quite, relaxing day in the country to celebrate a special occasion.

On the rare occasion  we encounter groups that fail to understand the difference between a bar and a winery.  Please appreciate that we do not allow anything intended to bring attention to your table such as decorations or signage.  We will not allow a table to be  disruptive to other tables.  Noise should be kept to a level that is commensurate with the surroundings.  If your goal is to have a very festive celebration then I would suggest that there are venues that are better suited for your plans.  We want everyone to have a great time so please plan your day at an appropriate venue.