Information about Gift Certificates

Purchasing and Using Gift Certificates

Nashoba offers gift cards in any denomination.

Gift Cards may be used towards any purchases at the Winery, Brewery, orchard, at our restaurant or a combination of locations with some coordination. Cards do not have an expiration date but are not redeemable for cash. Cards are similar to cash and are payable to the bearer. Therefore, it is important that you do not lose or misplace your gift card or ecard as we are required to honor the card when presented and there is no way that we can deny honoring a card to the person in possession.

Redeeming Your Gift Certificate

Gift Cards can easily be redeemed for purchases made at inside of our retail and for paying for your bill at J’s Restaurant.
For reservations, online purchases of Tours and Tastings or for purchases at the Vintner’s Knoll, you will be required to email us at with your gift certificate number and we will assist you with your purchase. For Reservations, Tours and Tastings, we will book the reservation, tour or tasting for you and reduce the value on your gift card by the amount of the purchase. You will received a confirmation of your reservation, tour or tasting and a separate email informing you that your gift card has be reduced by the amount of the charge.

For food and wine purchases at the Vintner’s Knoll, please email us and we will transfer the balance on the gift card to the Vintner’s Knoll platform as a promo code which you will be able to use from your table.

For Online Purchases of wine to be delivered to your home, please email us and we will transfer the balance on your gift card to a gift card that you can use on that store.

* We truly apologize for the additional requirements associated with redeeming.

Click Here to have a gift card sent to you by regular USPS mail.
To order an electronic card that can be received immediately or on a specific date.

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