Taste of the Maze - Due to Staffing Concerns, This event is currently not scheduled for 2022. We will update this page if staffing conditions recover.

It’s with a heavy heart that we will not be able to host our annual Taste of the Maze Event in 2021

Shutting down a business proved to be very easy but financially devastating.  Business owners are now left trying to find ways to re-build and re-open which is challenging because so many people have left the hospitality industry and do not seem to be returning.   For the hospitality industry, the staff is the most important component and at this time,  we simply cannot hire enough staff to host events and functions.     

We gone from over 80 employees to 25 employees and have hired and re-trained an additional 19 employees but it will be a long time before we are fully staffed.  This is not going to happen this month or this year.   Notwithstanding the green light from the government and the optimism from our customers, it is going to be a long and slow recovery for Nashoba to rebuild a team of professionals to service Festivals and  event with the level of service you expect and demand.  

We want everyone visiting our farm to have a great experience. so we will only re-open each experience as we are able to service.  The only thing that is certain today is that our decision is not premised on any belief that our future is questionable but solely on the belief that we intend to manage our operations in the safest way possible and in a way that preserves our financial stability while continuing to offer a great experience.  If we cannot provide the level of service we expect of ourselves then we will not provide the experience.

Thanks for your understanding, your support, and appreciation of family-owned farms and local business.    United We Stand.



The Maze at Schartner is open and operating so please plan a visit and then come here for a glass of wine.