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Our estate-grown wines embody the vibrant charm and complexity of our historic vineyard, exhibiting the balance and elegance indicative of this unique terroir. Enjoy the vast variety of flavors and experiences our wines bring you and your loved ones.

PYO Season is closed. Peach Picking to begin soon!

PYO Operations - A starting guide to visiting

Welcome to PYO orchards at Nashoba, where we provide an unforgettable experience for families to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our working farm thrives on the effort we put in for nine months of the year, from pruning, mowing, spraying, cutting, thinning, and managing our apple trees. Our passion lies in providing fresh, sustainable, and delicious fruit for your enjoyment. We feel honored and fulfilled when we witness families respectfully picking and savoring our apples as we appreciate the joy that comes with farming.

We encourage visitors to check our website beforehand to know what fruits are currently available and understand that conditions change rapidly in the orchard. Despite our best efforts to estimate foot traffic and promote our crop availability, there may be times when unexpected crowds lead to a shortage of apples. While we do not require reservations, visitors must purchase PYO bags before entering the orchard. Our bags come in small and large sizes and can hold up to 1 peck or a 1/2 bushel of apples, but visitors are not obligated to fill them up fully. Please avoid overfilling the bags or placing apples in your pockets or purses. Our ability to financially survive, with the sustainable growing of fruit being our main goal, rests upon your respect for our farm.

At Nashoba PYO, we welcome visitors of all ages to come and enjoy picking apples but please note that we are not a farm that provides entertainment for children. We do not offer hayrides, play areas, domesticated animals to pet, or other such activities that you might find at our neighboring farms. We provide a wealth of information about visiting with children and request that you take a moment to understand and agree to our expectations. Climbing trees, smashing apples on the ground, or throwing apples as a substitute for a baseball, are strictly forbidden. We believe that a farm is a wonderful place to teach respect for farmers and the fruit they grow, and it’s always an enriching learning experience for children when parents encourage them to ask permission before assuming that something is acceptable.

Pets on a leash at all times are allowed in the picking fields, but visitors must immediately pick up after them for health reasons. We advise visitors to wear sensible outdoor shoes or trainers as the trail around the fields is a reasonable distance to walk. We recommend wellies too, especially if it has been raining, as the grass may be wet and muddy in places. Nashoba PYO is the perfect destination for a memorable family outing that combines a fun and educational experience of sustainable farming with the enjoyment of our delicious fruit. Come and discover the wonders of our orchard today!

Our farm is a paradise for apple lovers! We have cultivated over a hundred varieties of the beloved fruit, and they are just waiting to be picked by you.  We want you to be able to enjoy the freshest, most flavorful apples possible, which is why we work hard to maintain our orchard.

Many of our apples are not typically found in supermarkets, so you are in for a treat! You can try some new varieties and perhaps find a new favorite. Our selection is extensive, and there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer sweet or tart, crisp or soft, we have an apple that is perfect for you. Some people have been coming back to our farm for years to get their hands on a particular type of apple, and we are always happy to see them again. Others enjoy mixing up their bags and trying something new. Whatever your preference, you will leave our orchard with a smile on your face and a bag filled with delicious, freshly picked apples.

Peach & Nectarine PYO

CLOSED for the season. 

General Orchard Information

Orchard Hours: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Please purchase your bags before entering the orchard and allow yourself enough time to fill your bags prior to the orchard closing.

* Thank you for supporting local farms.

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