Nashoba Valley Spirits, Ltd.

Notice of Trespass.

Please accept this document as our NOTICE OF TRESSPASS and request that you immediately leave the property.  You are hereby notified that you have no right to remain on the property and no right of re-entry.  Your continued presence on the property is a criminal offense and our next action will be to immediately contact the Police and seek enforcement of this Notice.   If you refused to follow our direction immediately, we will file criminal trespass complaints against you, your company and all people in the vehicle.

We have authorized all of our employees to issue verbal or written no trespassing notices to anyone including people arriving in a limosine or bus should they not follow directions.  Once issued, it becomes a criminal offense to remain upon the property as permission has been withdrawn.  Trespass involves the act of entering or remaining in or upon someone’s land without the owner’s permission or other right.  Trespass can also involve entering or remaining in a limo after having been forbidden so to do by the person who has lawful control of said premises, whether directly or by a notice posted on the property.  Massachusetts enforces strong property rights and the police pursue a great number of trespassing crime violations. In the Commonwealth, trespassing is considered a property crime and the criminal statute prohibiting trespass has been codified in G.L. c 266 § 120.  The penalty for trespassing in Massachusetts includes a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or by up to 30 days in prison or by both fine and imprisonment.

Please take this notice seriously because it is not open to debate or discussion and we will not argue the merits of our authority.  After we have served this notice of trespass, our next step is not contact the police department for enforcement.