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What is the Terrace Bar?

The Terrace Bar is our outside bar that offers a limited number of wines, beers, ciders, canned cocktails, and wine

What makes a great wine

When it comes to wine, there is no definitive rule on what makes a wine exceptional. Each person has a

Private events

Private Event at J’s Restaurant J’s Restaurant offers an exquisite venue to accommodate attendees that wish to host small intimate gatherings for up to

About Reservations

All reservations for our restaurants and our experiences are made online from our website and since most have a pre-payment

Used Barrels

Barrels Used Barrels Currently, we are out of stock for Used Wine Barrels. When available, it is for Pick Up

Paring Wine with Foods

Wine Pairing It’s important that you pair your food with a wine that you’ll actually like. If you usually don’t do white

Old Wines and Aging

Older Wines In truth, most wineries are producing wines that are made to be consumed within a short period of

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