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What is the Terrace Bar?

The Terrace Bar is our outside bar that offers a limited number of wines, beers, ciders, canned cocktails, and wine spritzers with traditional bar service. While the Terrace Bar is Walk-In Service only (Reservations are not required), like all places, the immediate area fills up quickly so we suggest that you consider bringing a blanket to spread out and relax on the lawn immediately surrounding the terrace bar. Folding Chairs are also acceptable. However, the maximum number of people we allow in this area is limited to 80 people. Once we reach 80 people, we will stop taking walkins once that number is reached.

Food offerings at the terrace bar are limited to items sold in our retail shop or from the menu of the guest food trucks visiting the property on the day of your visit. Food truck(s) are located immediately adjacent to the terrace bar for your convenience. Dogs are allowed at and around the terrace bar. The Terrace Bar is entirely dedicated to a walk-in experience. Hours of operations are the same as the Vintner’s Knoll

Please note that even though the Terrace Bar does not require reservations we do not guarantee availability. We accept as many people as we are able to serve and reserve the right to discontinue taking walk-ins when we reach that number. Please appreciate that we do not have any way to anticipate attendance but we always do our best.

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