J's Restaurant

J’s was recognized as one of the 10 best winery restaurants in America. What better way to spend a perfect New England day than by experiencing everything J’s has to offer? You can revel in the rich history of the land, indulge in the fantastic aromas of locally-prepared cuisine and, of course, sample the finest and most unique wines America has to offer.

Chicken Dish

Evening Dinner

Summer Light Bites



Please note that all reservations are for inside seating.  Outside tables, when open, are offer on a first come first accomodated basis to our customers with reservations for inside.

To preserve the ambiance of the restaurant for everyone we do not allow decorations or balloons.

No outside food is permitted to be brought into our restaurant.  If you wish for us to prepare a cake or other celebratory food offerings, please email us at support@nashobawinery.com.   Please allow at least 5 days advance notice for specialty foods.

Born in Concord, Raised in Bolton.  A place like no other

Get the right information –  Email us at  support@nashobawinery.com

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