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Dietary Requests and Allergies

If you have special dietary restrictions, religious or ethnic requirements, or allergies, please take a moment to look at our menu for options.

Like all food establishments, we are confident in our ability to prepare safe food or make reasonable accommodations for our diverse guests. Please let us know how we can accommodate your visit by contacting us prior to your reservation ( or by adding comments to your reservation or orders.

We always have items like gluten-free wraps or crackers that can easily be substituted for non-gluten-free breads. When looking at the menu, items made to order can be easily modified, while items prepared in bulk, such as soup, stews, and chili, cannot be modified. Remember, we are here to accommodate you, so please understand the importance of the information provided.

We understand that individuals with severe allergies must strictly monitor their food intake, as even a tiny amount of an allergen can trigger a severe, life-threatening reaction. If your allergies reach this level, please reach out to us for additional accommodations.

We always suggest that you develop a Chef’s Card. We are all very concerned about allergies and deal with them every day, but clear communication is key. It is much easier for us when someone provides us with full details of what they can and cannot eat. In the past, we had a customer with a dairy allergy who was upset when we informed her that a soup contained coconut milk, which is not dairy.
A Chef’s Card makes everyone’s job easier! It reduces the stress of ensuring that the server or manager has written everything down and understands the severity. With a chef card, everything is already in writing. Restaurants appreciate them! I have never seen a server, manager, or chef get annoyed by a chef card. Usually, they are thankful for it.
The best thing about a chef card is that you can perfect it and keep it handy, knowing that you have provided all the necessary information. We would love to serve you the safest meal possible, but we need your help. Give us the details, and we can make it happen.

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