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Thank you so much for considering a visit to our J’s Restaurant at Nashoba Valley Winery.

Our restaurant is open for inside evening seating on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evening.  Reservations are available from 4:30 pm until 7:30 pm.   Click Here to make a reservation.

We do not take reservations for outside seating.  The outside tables that we have available are reserved for guest with a reservation for inside.  When and if the weather cooperates, we allow our guests with inside reservations to elect if they would like to be seated outside.  Tables outside are not reserved but are assigned to our guest dining indoors on a first come first serve basis.

Because of the number of no-shows and cancellations, we now require a booking fee of $10.00 per person.  The booking fee will be applied to your bill on the date of service if you honor your reservation or forfeited if you cancel or do not show up.  While we appreciate that this will eliminate many reservations, the decision is based on the belief that our staff will be better paid if we staff for 20 people and serve 20 people than if we staff for 55 people and only serve 32.  If you are a frequent visitor and wish to express your disappointment, please email

Our restaurant service is operating as previously operated with the exception of the following:

  1.  Tables are spaced a minimum of 6′ apart.
  2. When you are not seated, we ask that you wear a face mask.
  3. All of our staff wear mask at all times.
  4. We ask that you inform your server if you need to use the restroom so that we can arrange immediate access without waiting in common areas.

There is no need to pre-order food as many people have been confused by how we are operating our picnic grounds and the option of curbside pickup of food from our restaurant.  With the exception of the three changes above, restaurant reservations are for table service with table ordering.  Do not order in advance and do not use our curbside pickup services for restaurant reservations.

To Inquire about a Reservation Click Here