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Why is the Restaurant no longer open for lunch?

Unfortunately, the stories are accurate about the difficulties finding workers in hospitality and restaurants industry.  Because of the current situation, it is no longer financially possible to run two restaurants so we have decided to focus on the Vintner’s Knoll for lunch service and a limited evening service at J’s Restaurant. 

For the hospitality industry, the staff is the most important component and at this time,  we simply cannot hire enough staff to operate as we have operated in the past.    We have gone from over 80 employees to 35 employees and have hired and re-trained an additional 12 employees but it will be a long time before we are fully staffed.  This is not going to happen this month and it probably will not happen until the spring of 2022.   Notwithstanding the green light from the government and the optimism from our customers, it is going to be a long and slow recovery for Nashoba to rebuild a team of professionals to service your event with the level of service you expect and that we demand.  

Can I request a specific Table?

Unfortunately, we do not accept request for specific tables as almost everyone selects the same tables.  We assign tables based on reservation time.   If we did not approach our reservations in the manner, the first table in would want to be seated at table 12 and it is difficult to explain why that specific table is reserved for someone else.

Can I request an outside table.

Reservations are made for inside seating only and as people arrive and if tables are available outside, our guest are provided the option.  If we took reservations for an outside table and the weather or insects did not cooperate, think about how awekard it would be for us to inform you that your reservation is cancelled because we do not have a table in side.  Accordingly, if you are provided the opportunity to sit outdoors, a table will be reserved for you indoors.


Why does Nashoba limit reservations to only 6 people?

Even prior to COVID, we made the decision to limit reservations because we wanted to be different and because we learned from our experience of operating a restaurant in a small farmhouse environment.  We have always felt that J’s restaurant is the perfect place for a quiet dining experience for 2 to 4 people.  While we do accept reservations for up to 6 people, we only accept 2 reservations each evening for 6 people.  One of these reservations is available at opening while the other is available at the end of our reservation period.  With Covid we were mandated to follow these rules which has made them much easier for people to understand and appreciate.

Our approach has been successful and those looking for a quiet dining experience, appreciate our approach.   Additionally, all our chefs and servers agree that it is much easier for us to serve multiple smaller tables than a single large table.  The pace in the kitchen is much more consistent when there is a flow of smaller orders than when there is a single order for more than six people.  

 In today’s world, probably the most important rule in business is to be consistent because if rules are not enforced consistently then they are discriminatory.  Accordingly, we either enforce our rules or alter our rules but there are no exceptions.  In this situation, regarding large reservations, we have made the decision to keep our rule and not allow exceptions.

 I understand that some customers may not agree with our approach to large reservations.   I also understand that my experience is that we have built a successful business and that our approach is appreciated by many customers.   Time will tell if we continue to succeed and survive but we accept and understand that our destiny is based on the decisions we make.

Why are I required to make a deposit for a reservation?

Unfortunately we have experience an unsustainable increase in cancellations/No Shows which necessitates a new approach to our business.  For one week we had  85 people cancel & 92 people that honored their reservations.  A single cancellation of 2 people results in a 12.5% loss in revenue.  For each person that cancels or does not show up, our server’s pay is also reduced by approximately 12.5% . If a table of six cancels,  the restaurant and the service experiences a 33% decline in revenue or expected earnings.

To address the situation, a non-refundable booking deposit of $10.00 per person is now required.   The deposit will be applied to your bill on date of service if you honor your reservation.  If you cancel or do not show or reschedule, the fee is forfeited.  

If you are a frequent visitor and wish to express your disappointment, please email


Why can't we make two reservations and request that the table be together?

See our answer above on why we limit reservations to 6 people or less.  We try to isolate  tables with 6 people from smaller groups to preserve the atmosphere.  This approach would be useless if we started to allow tables to be moved or combined in the area reserved for smaller reservations.  


J’s Valentine’s Day Dinner Week 

Thursday, February 10th through Sunday February 13th – Special ala carte “Valentine’s Week” dinner menu,  Standard dining $10/pp 
Monday, February 14th – $120.00/pp  includes weleome cocktail, 5-course Prix Fixe, three 4-ounce wine pairings, tip and tax