Thank you for taking the time to consider visiting Nashoba Valley! We are excited to share with you the abundant offerings on our family owned farm – a 50+ acre orchard and vineyard which grows delicious fruit used in our winery and distillery operations, a happening brewery and two renowned restaurants. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to sample the best this region has to offer! 
During the week, you can choose from a wide array of dining options and treat yourself to a tasting of any of our offerings including our 30+ types of wines, 12 premium spirits, tasty beers, delectable hard ciders, refreshing seltzers, flavorful wine spritzers and easy to drink canned cocktails. We promise you will find the perfect adult beverage to suit your unique taste buds. So what are you waiting for? Come and indulge in our locally sourced, handcrafted delights, inspired by our love for growing and innovating! 
One weekends we add the opportunity to enjoy a tour of how our wines and spirits are made and during the tour, we will treat you to a tasting of five different wines.


Our new approach is intended to create a better experience with the opportunity to taste wine and discuss wine with our Tasting Guides.  In the past, we had moments where the tasting area resembled a bar with customers packed in, waiving glasses for service.  Crowds of sometimes 80 people gathered in an area designed for 30 people.  On certain days we became a bar room environment and not a tasting experience.   Accordingly, we have decided to limit the tasting room to 24 people at a time with 45 minutes to enjoy up to 8 different wines or a combination of wine, spirits and beers.  Reservations are not necessary but we offer the ability to book a reservation so that you are not disappointed if space is not available.  The decision to book a reservation is entirely up to our customers and assures you that space will be available at the time you select.  Tastings have increased from $15 to $17 per person as we have added 3 additional tastings going from 5 tastings previously to 8 tastings currently.    For more information and to book, please click here.

Tours – An indoor journey through our production facility.

Tours are being offered exactly as they were offered in the past and the only exception is that we now limit our capacity to 20 people whereas previously 30 people were allowed on each tour.  Reservations are not necessary but we offer the ability to book a reservation so that you are not disappointed should space not be available at the time you wish.  Tours have increased from $15 to $20 per person and include a glass and the tasting of 5 selected wines.  For more information and to book, please click here.20

Tables at our Picnic Grounds – The Vintner Knoll – How and why we changed

Prior to the pandemic, we would have over 3000 people on the property during the fall and the crowds were massive.   Many people complained about the number of people on the property at one time and it was basically a free for all to get a table.  The pandemic slowed things down and made us realize that rather than doing 3000 people a day in a free for all spontaneous environment, we can do 800-1000 people and present a more relaxed and enjoyable environment for everyone. As business owners we made a conscious decision to alter our business to be more service attentive to a smaller customer base.
To sustain revenue with a smaller customer base, we discontinued allowing people to bring their own food and now restrict food and beverage consumed on the property to be purchased on the property.  Essentially our venue is operating as open air restaurant called the Vintner’s Knoll.  Our approach is almost identical to the approach taken by most restaurants.  Think of us as a restaurant and you will appreciate our approach.  The maximum number of people we will accommodate in as single gathering is 12 as our goal is to maintain a restaurant environment and not to create a venue for company or family outings.  These can be accomodated as a private event.  For information on events, please see our events page.
We do accept reservations, unlike many restaurants we charge a small fee of $10 to reserve a table.   It is truly a fee and not a deposit and is non-refundable.   We will always accomodate walk-ins when tables are available and when we have staff available to service the tables.     If a table is open but our staff does not feel that they will be able to provide service to the table, we will turn away people even though a table might be available.  Please visit our Vintner’s Knoll Reservation page for details about when we believe you should consider making a reservation.  Click Here for additional information.
Fewer people, great social distancing between tables, almost contact free service, relaxed countryside setting, friendly staff and a better overall experience are our goals.  Only time will tell if our vision is appealing to enough to visitors to allow us to grow and prosper.  We have changed but change and evolution is what being an entrepreneur is all about, a vision and execution.  We appreciate that there will be people that are concerned about our new approach and may decide not to visit but we hope that they will give us the opportunity to try our new approach and let us know their comments and recommendations.  Nothing is perfect and we are always interested in trying new things and modifying our approach.  Please continue reading the next section about food and beverage operations.

Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages – The Vintner Knoll.

As we are operating as a restaurant, we do not allow people to bring in outside food or soft drinks which was a requirement imposed during the pandemic and which we have elected to retain since we now offer food everyday at the tables outside of the winery that is prepared by our restaurant.  Food served is available everyday from 11 am until 4 pm.  
There is absolutely no need to purchase food and you can simply order a glass of wine or beer from your table.  We continue to add more retail food items in our retail shop such as chips, salas, nuts, cheeses, breads, crackers and other snack foods that can be purchased and enjoyed on site. 


Alcoholic Beverages – The Vintner Knoll.

In the past, we allowed people to purchase alcoholic beverages in the retail shop for on site consumption.  We have changed this policy to better manage on site consumption in compliance with state and local regulations and to offer wine by the glass and by flights in addition to wine by the bottle.  The prices for wine or beer delivered to your table are exactly the same price of wine sold at retail.   We believe this is a much more responsible approach to on-site consumption while also presenting our customer with wine by the glass or flights.   A “flight” of wines offers 5 different wines (5/8 of an ounce each) that are served to you so that you can taste and enjoy a wide variety of the wines produced at Nashoba Valley.   

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