Our FAQ are always evolving based on our staffing and governmental mandates which can change instantaneously.  We are doing our best to develop an environment that acknowledges and understands social distancing while at the same time trying to refrain from too many rules.  It is a delicate balance so we ask that you read our information below and reach out with any questions or comments.  

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Why is there fee for a reservation?

Our policy on reservations continue to evolve but reservations are not required on weekdays and suggested on weekends.  We will always walk-ins without reservations and without a fee whenever we have a table available and a staff person available that can service the table.  We do our best to accommodate as many people as we can but there are times on weekends when our kitchen and servers cannot handle additional people.  Should you wish to make a reservation, to reserve a table is $10.00 per table.  This is a flat fee and not a deposit but we will make sure that your table is ready when you arrive.  


What happens if the weather does not cooperate?

You can never count on or predict the weather in New England.  We encourage people to wait until they are comfortable that the weather will cooperate to book a reservation although we admit that this is difficult in New England.   When you book a reservation that is not refundable, you are accepting the risk that the weather may not be perfect or meet your expectations.  We do offer insurance for $1.50 which makes your reservation refundable should you elect not to come and notify us of your decision at least 3 hours prior to your reservation time.

Too  often the prediction for rain does not materialize or a nice day turn into a rainy day.  All reservations are non-refundable  and cannot be rescheduled without insurant.  We do not have alternative inside seating.  If on the date of your reservation, and not prior to the date, we feel that it is not reasonable for people to sit outside then in our discretion, we may allow people to reschedule or we may issue a credit for a future purchase but this decision is solely at our discretion based on the severity of the weather.  The decision will be made on the actual date of the reservation once the actual weather conditions are observed.  

If the weather is questionable on the day of the reservation, we will send an email to our customers that have reservations for the day, detailing options and providing additional information as we feel is necessary.  Notwithstanding weather conditions, all of our operations will remain open unless it is unsafe for our staff to drive to work.  

Can I request a specific Table?

Unfortunately, we do not modify or alter table assigned.  When a reservation is booked, our system automatically assigns a table to the reservation and sends you an email with the table number.   This approach allows us to distribute reservations evenly to different sections of our grounds so that our Staff serving each area are not overwhelmed by having multiple tables seating in the same area a the same time.  With limited staffing, this approach is extremely helpful for our operations.

How do I add additional people to my Table?

If you have booked a table that can accommodate more people than you selected, you do not have to notify us if you are increasing the number of people signed up for so long as the increased number does not exceed the number of seats at the table.   As an example, if you were coming with 3 people and booked a picnic table for 3 to 6 people and now want to increase your reservation to 5 people, you do not have to do anything in advance of your reservation.  You can simply show up without any change as long as you do not exceed 6 people.

However, if you booked a picnic table for 3 to 6 people and want to increase the number of people to a number above 6 people, then you should book and pay for a larger table (this will make sure the table is available)  and then notify us of the two reservations on the same day and we will cancel the smaller table and refund your fee.  

I am Running Late, what should I do?

If you are running late for your reservation at the Vintner’s Knoll, don’t worry, we will hold your reservation for at least 30 minutes.  However, we will not be able to extend the end time of your reservation if another reservation for that table is already booked.   Please recognize that while we will hold a table reservation, tours and tastings are time specific and your prepaid fees will be forfeited if you do not show up on time.

Can I request a table under cover if the weather does not cooperate.

We always do our best to be accommodating but often the tables under cover are already reserved.   Additionally, we currently have one patio that is covered but the covering has many leaks as it was never intended to offer protection from the rain.   When the weather does not cooperate, you can be assured that we do out best to juggle table assignments so that we accomodate as many people as possible. 

Is there inside seating at the Vintner's Knoll?

All seating at the Vintner’s Knoll is outside.

Why does Nashoba limit reservations to only 12 people?

We believe that our winery is a great place to have a glass of wine, enjoy the country and watch the sunset.  Preserving the ambiance of our land is important to us which can be disrupted by large gatherings, even when the gathering is perfectly behaved.  Consider  trying to have a quiet dinner in a restaurant next to a table of 12 people.  No matter how quiet the table next to you is, the venue is different because you feel as though you are part of their gathering.  

When we do accommodate gathers between 7 and 12 people, the reservation is at a table far away from others and next to other large reservations thereby preserving ambiance for smaller reservations.   We do not accommodate larger groups at multiple tables.  

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience to as many people as we are able to serve and our experience has led us to the way we are operating.  If you are looking for a relaxing lunch stop, enjoyable evening sunset, or are truly interested in learning about wine and viticulture, then visiting wineries will be a lot of fun.  

Why can't we make two reservations and request that the table be together?

Preserving the ambiance of our land is important to us which can be disrupted by large gatherings, even when the gathering is perfectly behaved.  We isolate  tables with large reservations from tables limited to less than 6 people to preserve the atmosphere.  This approach would be useless if we started to allow tables to be moved or combined in the area reserved for smaller reservations.  

Why can't we purchase alcoholic beverages in the wine shop for consumption in the Vintner's Knoll?

We are responsible for not allowing people to over-consume alcohol while on the property and this cannot be done unless we manage on site consumption.  Rather than purchase wine in our wine shop, we ask that you purchase wine from our online menu and the wine will then be brought to your table.  The price for a bottle of wine in our wine shop is the same price that you will pay at the table.  A great day ends with a safe ride home.


Why do we make people wear wrist bands to show that they are 21 years of age?

We work as a team to help expedite your orders.  We use wrist bands so that every server can see who is of age and does not have to ask every person for their identification with each delivery.  As a venue that serves alcoholic beverages, we take our responsibility seriously to only serve people that are 21 years of age and hope that people appreciate our good intentions.  If wearing a wrist band is an inconvenience, let us know and we will simply ask you to keep your identification available so that we can check your identification with each purchase.

Are Children Welcome at the Winery?

If you are looking for a relaxing lunch stop, enjoyable evening sunset, or are truly interested in learning about wine and viticulture, or if you would just like to sit and chill overlooking the pictureque Town of Bolton, then visiting our winery with your kids can be a lot of fun.  However,  to make sure that you are not disappointed, it is important for us to disclose to our visitors that our winery/farm does not focus on family related activities like hayrides, Petting Zoos, Corn Mazes, and family games.

Children are allowed everywhere except our Tasting Room or near the ponds or at events hosted for adults.  Youger children should always stay close to their parents.    Bring small games, books or electronics – iPods, iPads, etc. – to keep the kids occupied; never underestimate the power of a deck of cards and a good game of “Go Fish” or “Cheat” if they are older.

There is a nice playground and baseball field at the bottom of the hill about 3/10 of a mile from the winery.  Consider driving or walking to the playground to burn off excess energy since we do not allowed the throwing of objects on the property.

Ponds are very dangerous.  Like swimming pools, they present a clear and dangerous safety risk to children.  Because of multiple incidents where attended and unattended children have fallen into our ponds, we no longer allow children near any body of water with or without adult supervision and seating by our ponds for adults only.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Our Apples and our gardents are for everyone to enjoy.  You and your children are invited to purchase a bag and then pick apples from our trees during our harvest season (Sept-October).   It would be greatly appreciated if you made sure your children understand that we make wines from apples on the trees and make Vodka from apples on the ground so every apple has a value to us.  Stepping on them or throwing them is not allowed.
Our flowers from our gardens are for everyone to enjoy and are intended to make our property beautiful.

Finally, we have really not changed our approch to children and still invite you and your children to visit.  The overwhelming majority of visitors understand and bring their children to the winery without any concerns.  Thanks to everyone that understands and appreciates that businesses base rules on their experiences and that every business has the right to decide how to operate.  If you wish to discuss our experiences to submit comments and recommendations, please email us at support@nashobawinery.com.  Let’s work together to make everyone happey as we are your friends and your neighbors.


Why can’t we sit on the ground and not reserve a table at the Vintner’s Knoll?

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Starting September 1, you will be able to bring a blanket and sit on the ground as we re-open out outside bar where you will be ablt to purchase from a limited selection of wines, beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Do you offer beverages other than alcoholic beverages?

Yes.  In addition to non-alcoholic seltzers and some Pepsi products, we also offer 4 different Mocktails,  non-alcoholic wine and beer.  And of course, water as a healthy alternative!

What are wine flights?

Put simply, a wine flight is just a self guided winetasting option. More specifically, it’s a way to sample different varietals. The term ‘wine flight‘ (sometimes ‘tasting flight‘ or ‘wine tasting’) has variations in other alcohol spaces. At the Vintner’s Knoll we usually offer three different flights consisting of 5 different wines each about 3/4 of an ounce of wine.  Flights generally cost between $10 and $15 per person depending on what wines are being offered in each flight.