Limousine & Bus – Written Approval Required

Thank you for considering a visit to our winery.  People visit our winery to enjoy a quiet day with friends and families so we do not encourage gatherings intended to bring a more lively environment to our farm.   We have many satisfied customers that have small gatherings, showers, bachelorette or birthday gatherings on our property without anyone noticing their celebrations.  Small gatherings that are sensitive to our rules have a wonderful time and appreciate the atmosphere that is created for everyone to enjoy equally.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the environment of a winery where people gather for a quiet day.  Based on our experiences, we have restricted access to our property for all Limousines and Buses to ensure that the drivers appreciate that they are not exempt from traffic signs, fire-lanes, no-standing signs, and access ways while on our property.  A fire lane is a fire lane for all vehicles and is not to be used as a point of dropping off people.  The walkways and access points to our wine shop are for everyone equally and cannot be used to drop people off making access to the wine shop difficult for other customers and impossible for those with any physical limitations.  Every visitor is treated equally so if you plan on visiting, please visit with the understanding that arriving in a hired vehicle does not provide you or your drivers with any privileges not provided to all customers.

During this pandemic, we limit the number of people that can arrive in a single-vehicle to the maximum number of people allowed at a table.  Please accept our rule that we are not comfortable with allowing groups larger than 6 people (plus the driver) to arrive in a single-vehicle and will not allow groups larger than 6 people arriving in a single-vehicle.
Should you arrive without permission or you have permission and your driver does not follow our rules, we will inspect the vehicle and we may ask the driver to leave the property if we feel that compliance with our rules is going to be a problem.  If our request is not complied with, we will serve the driver with a Notice of Trespass requiring the driver, the vehicle, and all people in the vehicle to leave the property.  Please appreciate that this is our only legal way to enforce compliance and is not intended to be threatening but rather in the full interests of disclosure.  You can read the notice that will be provided by clicking this line

Although hired transportation can create a safer journey, it can also contribute to overconsumption.   It is our legal obligation not to serve people that we feel have over consumed prior to entering the property.  We take our responsibility seriously and take a very aggressive position towards buses and limousines that show up sporting signs of being a party bus,  full of alcoholic beverages, with open containers and the appearance of having a full day of over-consumption.   Massachusetts farms are granted a unique licenses which only allows for the consumption on our premises of alcoholic beverages produced on our farm.   If a bus or limo enters our property with open containers, we believe that it is not only a violation of the open container laws but also a violation of our license in consuming alcoholic beverages not produced by us on our property.  Your actions are the equivalent to walking into a restaurant that has a liquor license, sitting at the bar and uncorking your own bottle of wine.   
We take our responsibility to protect our license and enforce the law seriously so please come early, without open containers, follow the traffic signs, enjoy our farm, a tasting of our wines and start your day with an enjoyable experience.

Request for access must be received at least a week in advance.  You will receive a confirmation email or denial within 48 hours of submitting your request.  Your driver must present our written reservation confirmation to the parking attendant/greeter upon arrival otherwise you will be asked to leave without visiting.
When submitting the form below for Limo/Bus approval or Notifying Us of your weekday visit, you acknowledge:
  • That you will not bring any alcoholic beverages onto the property. Our liquor license only allows for Nashoba wine, beer and spirits and does not allow any other alcoholic beverage to be consumed or brought on our property.
  • That you will discourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages during your travels to the winery and understand that Intoxicated guests and/or guests with outside alcohol entering the property will not be allowed to unload on the property, regardless of having approval.
  • That our Staff is allowed to inspect the limo or bus and confiscate all alcoholic beverages found in the bus.
  • That it is against the law to drive with open containers of alcohol in your car or in a bus or limo.
  • Nashoba Valley does not offer special accommodations to people arriving in limos or buses.  All customers are treated the same regardless of choice of transportation.  Limos and Buses are not given the privilege of dropping people off at the front door of the Wine Shoppe and must follow all parking signs and the direction of all parking attendants.
  • That Limos or Buses are banned on days that we are hosting weddings which is almost every Saturday until the middle of November.
  • That Reservations must be made at least one week prior to the day of arrival. A confirmation will be e-mailed or faxed back within 48  hours and this confirmation must be presented to the parking attendant upon arrival.
  • That Arrival Times on Saturday and Sunday, with approval,  must be between 11am-1pm.   Limos and Buses who arrive after 1 pm will not be admitted, regardless if they have a confirmation letter.
  • That Certain companies have been banned from the property because of their unwillingness to cooperate and follow directions and that you will not utilize their service as this will void any authorized visit.  No Exceptions.  Banned
  • That your Bus or Limo will be required to park in our customer parking lots where it will be easy for them to reload and exit.  However, it is only a short walk from the parking lot area to the retail shop.
  • That everyone will abide by our Covid-19 rules and regulations and that your driver will wear a mask at all times while on the property except when he or she is physically seated in the limo or bus.

We appreciate your help in keeping the winery a fun and safe place to enjoy with your friends and family.